Life, oh Life!

The blades of grass moving in the wind, the bird song coming from the spiky suauro cactus, the bright, relentless yellow flowers growing out of the cracked desert soil, the taste of strong coffee in the morning, the feeling of love, the sounds of classical guitar swirling through the promenade, the coiled rattlesnake at the foot of a juniper trees; the fear of the unknown, the striking pang of grief, the sound of a drill in the early morning sunrise, the dark night sky swirling with comets and meteoroids, the dust bunnies under the dresser (relentless, no matter how many times I sweep them…), the grandparent who is motionless from dementia, the loved ones who are battling cancer, the tear of a ligament, crushing back pain, the loss of eyesight, the disappearance of a child, the winning of a lottery ticket…

What a world it is.

This silent beautiful world.

It has created me and you out of itself, this silence. It stares in its own eyes, it listens to its own words, everything it sees, hears and does arise from the vast and infinite unknown, appears in the unknown and releases back into the unknown.

Have you ever been heartbroken?
Have you had your world come crashing down?

A lover betrays you.
Your child dies.
You receive a cancer diagnosis.
You lose a 30-year career.

Inevitably, this world will come to you in many forms and it will leave you.

It leaves you recklessly. Without a warning.

That feeling after it leaves you is so alive.

What next, what about the future, what about the pain, what about the plan, what about how things were supposed to be?

The Truth screaming from every movement of life.

What an extraordinary presentation.

A life lived in and of itself is a magnificent achievement.

Forget about a life well-lived.

Just being alive in and of itself is an incredible act of courage and grace.

Ideas come and go. Action comes and goes. A conversation arrives and it passes.

Nothing to be held, nothing to be grasped.

Just a continual departure. In turn, always arriving.

Here. Here. Here.

Alive. Alive. Alive.

Silent. Silent. Silent.

So many masks being worn, so many fears, so many costumes…

Love playing dress-up like it’s Halloween.

You are eternal.

Don’t be afraid to go up in flames!

The flames of the beloved’s embrace

The flames of the wild furnace of life.

Where could you possibly go?


What a precious gift.

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