Listen-GodThe question is, does listening have an active or passive meaning? Does “Listening” suggest that we must extract ourselves from our individual perspective and elevate ourselves into a source perspective to quietly observe and objectify our experience? Rather, does “Listening” have an authoritative meaning? Like, when we were children and our parents would say to us, “If you don’t listen, I’m going to punish you.” Recently in my own experience, I’ve realize that it is not either/or. It’s actually both. Listening is a two part process. First we must settle down. The mind must settle down. When it’s full of thought, “I need this…”, “What if that…”, “He is so, She is so..”, it is disconnected. Silence is loud. In fact, silence is so undeniably loud, that once all the chattering in the mind stops, just like a calm, serene lake settles once the wind stops, it’s easy to see the treasures-like the fish jumping out of the still water!

Treasures are thoughts in the mind that are unusual, inspiring and spontaneous. They do not result from a dwelling and an attachment to a resolution. Rather, in the letting go of the restless mind, we come upon a still, small voice. It is loud, because this voice penetrates the very core of our being. It is like an answer to a prayer. It always feels GOOD, EXPANSIVE and BIGGER THAN OURSELVES!

We’ve tuned in. We’re listening. Now what? The voice wants you to do something. It wants you to be something. But you’re afraid. It’s bringing up your repressed desires, your resistances, your fears. So, you decide to suppressĀ  this voice. You decide it doesn’t serve your comfort zone. You decide it’s just your “dreaming mind”. How could you be beautiful? How could you be prosperous and successful? You don’t deserve the best! This sounds ridiculous, I know! But we do it every single day! Our heart pulls us in the direction of our dreams and we literally tell it to “$%*# Off!” Is this what we’ve come here on this incredible macrocosm to do? To resist our possibilities and potential? The universe is full of super-novas, comets and incredibly powerful energies. Everything is fierce, powerful, moving and growing exponentially. When you tell yourself “No” and negate this still, small, voice within you, you are going against the grain of the whole universe.

The difference between the rich and famous, the successful, the beautiful, the healthy and the happy people on this planet and those who aren’t experiencing great things is that those people that are, LISTENED to that voice. Next time you get an idea, an urge or become afraid of something. Throw your hands in the air and squeal with gratitude. You’ve been absolutely blessed with the opportunity to LISTEN.

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