The idea of creating your own reality is exciting and daunting. You are forced to face your true self, take your false mask off andinspired-action question your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, like “Am I good enough?” or “I am not loved, safe, prosperous, talented…etc”. We live in a vibrational universe. This means that we repel or attract people, experiences, situations, conditions, thoughts, ideas etc. Each moment that we are on this physical plane we are faced with a choice: love or fear. This choice is the determining factor of your current experience and reality. It is in this moment that your personal power lies. To choose love is to say “yes” to life. To say yes to life is to affirm your true identity! We’ve all heard that our thoughts create our own reality. Our awareness of those thoughts is the only key you need to make the shift from low vibrational thoughts of fear to high vibrational thoughts of love.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to attract an opportunity into our lives. This might occur through a conversation, an experience-but primarily it occurs in the “space” that has not yet birthed your potential. This space is full of vibrations: thoughts, feelings and ideas. These three energetic elements are part of the universal mind. This means that what you are thinking and feeling, is essentially at one with the universe. When you are experiencing thoughts of prosperity, abundance, having more than enough, it is highly likely that your physical reality is attracting experiences of monetary and physical abundance. You are vibrating with a frequency that matches events, people, experiences, ideas and opportunities that are also aligned with prosperity. The same goes for health, love, service any anything you are deeply passionate about.

Your attachment to this “thing” or experience, determines whether you will fulfill your desire of having or not having it. What you focus on expands. Good or bad. And the universe is absolutely impersonal to your experience. It can only serve you what you’re expecting. Most importantly it continually fulfills and delivers, without failing. When an opportunity arrives on your doorstep, you will feel it in your heart and you will feel inspired. It will feel good. You now have a choice: love or fear. It is so much easier to choose love from a place of inspired action, before your mind has any time to analyze, rationalize, discern and allow fear-based thinking to enter the space of possibility.

So, I urge you, the next time that you are inspired by a thought or idea- trust that it is the universe fulfilling your desire. “Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened.” You have been invited to a banquet-will you accept your invitation?

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