Two of the greatest “me” dynamics are money and love. The seperate self is heavily invested in both. It exerts a significant amount of energy into the getting and maintaining both love and money. However, from the waking up from the dream or illusion, it is seen that neither money or love can do anything for us. More often than not, this shrivels the personal drive. The personal self does not know where to go and what to do, now that it has recognized that it will not find completion in either money or love. It might shut down, back into itself, and wait for an extended period of time as it integrates the magnitude of it’s own realization. Or it might just move more deeply into alignment with the expression of it’s true nature, it’s true freedom which is the boundless, limitless here and now.

Ultimately, the drying up of a personal drive means that all sense of “getting” ends. And of course without the drive to get or do things, very little money might be happening. This clearly is not the case for all bodies, but many of them will have a domino affect from their realization. Your whole world crumbles and ends. There might still be attempts at acquiring money or love, but it will always arrive at the same conclusion, that: THE SEPERATE ENTITY WILL NEVER FEEL RICH OR LOVED, IT WILL ALWAYS FEEL LIMITED AND POOR.

The seperate self always feels limited and so, it will always fear death. Non-duality is the end of this.

This is part of the awakening process. The body is ironing out years of false conditioning. It is not clear how long it takes for the body to adjust to it’s truth. However, the present experience must always be returned to, out of the movement of the mind. “What is happening right here?” “What is wanted right here?”

Non duality is the return to primal urges, primal expressions until it is reduced completely and fully to what it is, which is the spontaneous expression of love here and now.

How can something that feels full and complete commit acts of violence or feel unloved and poor?

This is a return to alignment. This is the return to one self.

From this self the energy will begin to move again towards desires and other forms of creative expression; but it can’t justifiably do this until it is truly free. And at this point of the awakening process, there’s no turning back. IT must be followed through all the way.

For the longest time I would have a recurring dream, that many people I know have also had. In this dream, I am standing by the sea shore and I am about to be wiped out by a gigantic tsunami. Instead of just accepting the inevitable, I find a boulder or some structure to wrap my body around and hold on to it, so that I won’t be taken away by the vast infinite ocean. I had this dream at least once a week! I’d like to use this metaphor here, because I think it’s a good one.

The inevitability of death continually lurks in the shadows of our consciousness. There’s no getting around it. Everyone must die and everything knows that it must die. Inescapably, death will come for you and your loved ones and for all your creations at some point. There is no real possibility of avoiding the annihilation of temporal forms. Does it not make sense then to accept the mortality of things? Of all appearances, including the body and the mind? Does it not make sense to make peace with one’s own death?

It is not you that is resisting death. This is not your doing. The urge to live is the creative urge. It is the urge for another moment, the urge for another day to create. This is so, so beautiful. The desire for another day to express love is masquerading as the fear of death. Wow!

Be yourself now, friends. Be the love that you are now.

This love does not begin or end.

This love is an infinite void. This present moment is love, which is an infinite void. In this void, nothing can ever be gained and so nothing can ever be lost.

Watch your body walk to the door, feel the hand on the doorknob, experience the feeling of combing your hair or swallowing a hot coffee. Is this life really just flesh and bones? Or is there something more unlimited expressing here?

Beyond the mind, everything dissolves and only this is left. Only this. Everything eventually will be lost. In fact, this moment at the very heart is, was and always will be absolute loss. Any illusion of anything you have, or have ever had must come to an end. Non-duality is the end of you as you know it. The limited, temporal, seperate you can not go on. But this is not a hopeless message, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. What you are right here and right now is completely and utterly infinite.

Limitations must be seen for what they are right here and right now, not in some distant time line from old age, destiny or misfortune. Once the temporal is embraced fully for what it is, the seperate self will finally be able to surrender to all of life. It will finally be able to give in to the tsunami of life.

Right here, nothing can ever come and go. Right here everything is still, everything is unmoving. The only movement right here and right now is the mind. It is only the mind that is moving towards death. And it is only the mind that is afraid of death. And because the mind can be experienced, it is not who you are, because you are the experiencer. In you everything comes and goes. When one awakes in the morning, everything arises. You arise, but life also arises. It is not just you here. You and everything arises simultaneously: the sounds, the thoughts, the phone calls, the house cat, the busy road.

Do you see that this life has only ever been one movement?

That only one thing has ever been appearing?

In complete silence.

In complete innocence.

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