MultidimensionalToday I’d like to address muti-dimensional realities. These are undeniable realms of existence, experienced by everyone at any given moment within their consciousness

There are about 12 basic dimensions. The third being the physical reality, the dimension where we exist and interact as physical matter. Here’s  a quick breakdown of the consecutive dimensions:

The 4th dimension is emotion based. It is the realm of registering and processing our feelings from the heart center. The 5th dimension is one of light workers, or people on a spiritual quest (this is the earth’s current vibrational reality). The 6th dimension is the consciousness of the astral plane or the sleep plane that contains information which we utilize to create or manifest. This dimension also holds DNA template patterns for all types of species in creation. The 7th dimension is one of pure light, pure expression and pure creation. The 8th dimension contains the shift from the “I” to the “We”. There is no way to contain your “self” structure here as your awareness is one of pure oneness with all of creation. The 9th dimension is a step higher to that as you are unified with all of the universe. Separateness does not exist between you and any formation beyond the earthly realm, galaxies etc. here. The 10th dimension is one of light and rays. You can have a sense of “I” here, but it is nothing like the “I” you know in any of the other dimensions. The 11th dimension is one of ascension and contains all beings operating from a cosmic source system. This dimension also contains all the akashic records. The 12th dimension is one of total unification with the creator.

Once your consciousness begins to rise from even the 5th dimensional reality you are consciously a co-creator with God. Our current dimension is one of instantaneous time, meaning that all creation and all possibilities occur in one moment at one time. This is primarily the reason that we are experiencing an exponential race of time. Time has actually broken out of its framework and splintered itself into one instant moment, which is why most of us our experiencing time as moving so quickly in this Aquarian age. Finally, more humans are becoming aware of their actual “timelessness”. As we wait for our own creations to flourish and manifest, we are realizing that our only option is to contain our energies in the one present moment of the “Now”.  Any other derivatives from this one moment, will contain in themselves a departure from the current reality and prevent you from achieving your hearts true desires.

Kundalini yoga is one of the most efficient ways to manage the consciousness and rise through the different states of awareness, but anything that enables you to stay within your body at the present moment will be conducive to your explorations.


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