constellations in the nightI always look up at the sky. Last night, I had a dream that I was laying in the grass at night with many people. We were all looking up at the night sky. The stars started to form constellations representing the zodiac. Then all of the sudden the spectacle would stop, as we waited for the sky to begin moving again and creating all the different symbols: gemini, capricorn, libra. I don’t know enough or everything about the zodiac, but what I do know is that it represents time.

Time is a place for everything to occur. Why was I born on October 20th and not on May 1st? Why am I 28 at this time and not at another time? How tuned in to time are you? Do you force it, ignore it? Appreciate it? There’s this incredibly powerful, untouchable and inconceivable idea that we are timeless, and that time is a construct. I’m sure you’ve considered this. For example, this moment cannot and will not happen again, it has never happened before and you are reading this in one single continuous moment.

Now, I’m not getting deep and philosophical here for no reason. Bear with me. “Timing” is the idea of order. At one point or another everything moves in an organized, systematic and perfect order. We resist this idea because it doesn’t mean anything  when we’re experiencing surprises and unexpected events that cut into our plans. Guess what! That’s why time is a joke! I’m not saying don’t have goals, plans or use your time wisely. What I’m saying is that no-matter what you’re attached to in your concept of time (a 24 hour day, 1 year commitment to a project, a 4 year relationship, a 75 year old life span-whatever!), time has a mind of its own, because you are only a miniscule segment of an entire universe. You didn’t bring yourself here on your birth date, something greater did. Something needed you here to serve itself-to serve it’s own evolution. Why is it then, when everything in the universe continues to prove to us that we don’t have absolutely any power over time, we still get disappointed when events outside of our control occur?

When something you were expecting doesn’t fulfill itself it is not because you weren’t “meant” for that thing. The desire for the object, person or experience is something that rises from inside of you for a reason. To serve your evolution. By default every desire must find fulfillment. This is an absolute law. It presupposes that the conception of a desire, gives rise to evolution. The universe will always, always, always choose evolution over stagnation. It is the only purpose of it’s entire existence. So, next time you’re tempted to give up, how about you choose to trust time?

Trusting Time Means:

1) Shifting from a state of resistance to acceptance
2) Trusting that the universe knows exactly what it’s doing, as it is a highly intelligent energy.
3) Understand that you are a piece of a puzzle, the universe has many things that need to vibrationally  match up to meet your desire
4) Become aware and conscious of how you’re feeling in your experiences so that you can experience deep levels of healing
5) Get clear on what you truly want. If it’s a particular job, is it money that you really want so that you can pay your mortgage and experience a sense of security 😉
6) Never, ever give up on your desires.

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