summer-solsticeToday is the Summer Solstice. I’d like to open your hearts to an incredible time, flourishing with possibility and the experience of the divine. As I get into the messages that are coming through at this time, feel in your heart as you read what you are experiencing in your life.

In this solstice time, decisions and choices no longer exist. As we are experiencing our full divinity, our alignment with source itself. We, again are a part of ALL. To have to make a decision, to choose between and experience confusion is to separate. Everything that exists that you can perceive of is a direct reflection and extension of you-your soul-all that you are. To have to choose one thing over another is to separate from your true self, for all is you. To reject one thing is to reject the inner most essence of your being.

The solstice is about co-creation, it is the outward manifestation of the pureness, the inner truth of your soul and your soul’s creations here on earth. The solstice is a direct extension of the true inner self and divine reality. This is a period to completely flourish in our truth. To be in authentic alignment with your essence is to harness your inner power to be a divine channel for the spreading, the manifestation, the experience of light in all. This is why the day is the longest of the whole year. It is the full, complete, total expression of divine light in the soul manifesting into physical awareness.

During this time, higher realms of knowledge are becoming available to us as higher realms of wisdom are opening. As these powerful shifts and frequencies move through us at this time, they are energetically surpassing the letting go of winter, the effort and work of the Autumn and the young birthing of Spring. In the Summer Solstice, we are talking about totality, an embracing of source. This is equal to an absolute explosion of light moving in and through all. We are dealing with very, very sacred wisdom, not book knowledge. This is the same wisdom that the breath, the heart beat, bodily functions, pollination, synthesis etc is a part of-it is innate and True. This deep inner truth of who we are as a pillar of light, a source, a wellspring allows us to be completely and fully open. Not hiding ANY part of our being, from anything and anyone. We are NOT closed off in any way, shape or form. This openness is a receptivity, a vulnerability to our own true divine nature. All the planetary alignments, universal shifts here are happening at a UNIVERSAL level, not only at an earth level. This is experienced with in our galaxy, which is connected to ALL that is-to our entire essence. All polarities are coming into balance, so darkness virtually CANNOT exist. All darkness during the summertime, or rather all that is not PURE, is eliminated through death, loss or transcendence. Regardless of what the shift is during this innate and natural process, it is here to bring all of life back into it’s source.

Light, happiness, freedom and mastery are key concepts and energies offered to us at this time. The walls we have built for protection like our jobs, our homes, our partners, friends, families are no longer needed as we are now fully part of ALL here on earth. We are existing in total grace, in total blessings of the divine birth-remembering and reconnecting who we are without needing anything to give to us, provide for us, secure or protect us. Our wings, symbolically, are now here to give us total ascension into our soul imprint, helping us to come into greater mastery of all the earth elements.

Again, this is a playful period of confidently accepting all of life. As we are becoming more fully, if not completely, embodied in our purest nature-by default we are now open to all of life. To be open to all of life is to be open to abundance, health, love, harmony and pleasure. Life at this time is actually dancing. It’s literally like the universe has completely surrendered to the tension on the planet, the struggle of birth, the pain of growth and as she embraces all of creation in this process she is fully liberated and ready to celebrate. She is celebrating the successful creation of her new identity. Just like we are now embracing the powerful energies of the solstice, the sun flares, the powerful alignments and the resurfacing of our soul imprint, which is dancing in unison with all that is. Can you feel it?!

This is a time of total celebration and capturing, or rather experiencing, the PURE beauty of life. We are encouraged to have more fun, be more light hearted and of course, present. Just like dolphins,carefree, laughing, loving and flowing in the ocean of life we too are creatures of fun. When we are having FUN, we are in the most, fullest embodiment of source energy. So, rise into this incredibly special and powerful shift of the summer solstice. Get ready for a celebration of a lifetime as we move into the highest, purest and true energies available to the human race and the universe at this time.



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