prayerPrayer is so ancient. Since the beginning of time humans have honored life, pondered and celebrated their existence! Any positive focus upon the resolution of conflict, the well being of human beings and our planet and the expression of joy and gratitude for all the beauty and gifts in our life produces a potential. Immediately when we make a shift from Fear to Faith, we call upon a greater source of wisdom that reaches far beyond the human conception of what is possible. In prayer humans without eyesight have begun to see, miracles no one in their right mind would ever think are possible occur at exponential rates. I’d like to state a very powerful truth today: There is no prayer that goes unanswered.

This means that everything you could ever wish for and desire in and of itself exists and will be fulfilled. What then determines this force, which listens intently to our hearts and brings to life something out of nothing? Call it God, the Universe, Spirit or all-that-is, no matter how you want to look at it, if you continue to maintain a focus, and a pure positive focus upon your affairs you will see them manifesting into the very thing you desire them to be. To call a mental imprint of a desire void, is to deny the universe its very existence. As a creation solely focused on evolution, we have an innate need to maintain continual growth and progression-not even just through the propagation of the human race, but also through the execution of the creative life. The more we express our desires and feed them with the power of prayer, the more aligned we become with all of our potential, thus giving our rich inner reality the freedom to exist not just in thought, but as a manifestation in time and space. While these concepts are far fetched for many, let us keep it simple. Pray to your soul, to your creative idea, to your desire, to the person you want to heal, to the job you want to fix, to God, to Mother Earth to whatever! But pray! Establish a relationship with your external reality that is based upon faith, gratitude, respect and love, and your life will flourish. And, hey, sometimes we get a little more help than what we asked for! I encourage you to just say a prayer. Right after you read this. And to wait. Wait for the universe to act upon your intention. I leave you with this beautiful experience I had a few days after Easter.

Growing up in a Catholic background I was always surrounded by Christ. It was to him that we prayed. Moreover, the older I got the more fascinated I became with his story and the unbelievable ideas that he represented: unconditional love, trust, faith. Somewhere through time, Easter became a very, very special time for me-I even notice people becoming more introspective during this time and even more natural phenomenon awakening during this period like lunar eclipses and earthquakes. It is because of my relationship to Christ that I see this time as special. Recently I have kept Christ in my thoughts. I know that he is the leader of the poor people and it gives me comfort to think of him and even pray to him for Letters Healing Poverty and also for any condition needing more love. Anyhow, after teaching a yoga class a few days ago a special thing happened. A belated card was sent in the mail for Easter, from one of my aunts in Europe. This card was a musical card with a picture of a resurrected Jesus Christ walking forward with open arms. It turns out that is had come in the mail “broken” as the song was even playing in the mail box. Now about 3 days later that card is now in our Garage still,playing away. To me this is Christ asking me to continue listening to his song of love, to continue having faith in prayer and to remember to bring my thoughts to the many, many guides that are awaiting for us to ask for help!

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