wildfiresIn the past few days San Diego has had a major heat wave with temperatures rising well above the 100’s. The winds have also picked up a fast and powerful pace, and the conditions have sparked multiple wildfires. To me, the city is in a really beautiful phase that works in total harmony with all of life. We are learning to bow to nature, to the will of God. So many of us humans live lives of inflexibility and total attachment. We make progress on our intellectual, physical and spiritual path and often times hit brick walls when sickness visits us, relationships break apart or our main streams of financial revenue or even happiness get blocked. It is in these times, when we are most often forced to go deep within ourselves and undergo a transformation of the spirit, mind and soul.

When a natural disaster strikes we immediately enter into a state of simplification and purity. With a clear focus on physical and emotional survival, we realize during this time that the keys to the future are compassion, bravery and fearlessness. We are fearless of the future, as we hold complete trust and faith in our inner strength and the human will to live. We accept that, that what is out of our control is for the better. We begin to connect deeply with our community members and family. We broaden our perspective from our “self” to the “self-less”, comforting others in need, risking our lives for those we may not even know and we pray ceaselessly to a higher power for grace, and in our case…rain, raising the entire vibration of the fear and loss that initially occurs.

I have been feeling so much beauty and gratitude for this beautiful city that is up in flames this week. Some people may loose their homes, and others may incur much greater losses. Fire, traditionally and spiritually, holds a very high vibration associated with the spiritual realm. It denotes a period of “purification” and regeneration. As our earth warms to incomprehensible degrees, humans will begin to see changes like this week’s fires all over the globe. These natural disasters are here to increase the energy of the planet and bring the earth back into balance with the high vibrational qualities of selflessness, love, compassion, bravery and simplification. Most importantly, these disasters remind us not to take anything or anyone for granted; we are reminded to continue anchoring our hearts in deep bouts of gratitude and faith, humbling our human creations to that of a power that knows more about existence than any of us can conceive of.

I urge those of you that are momentarily displaced or afraid or suffering from the heat, to go into a deep space of trust and turn to the wellspring of love for endurance and strength.

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