september 2016 eclipseThis month is all about letting the true you shine. We are given the opportunity for complete and total freedom to be who we are – no apologies and no excuses. We’re stepping into complete authenticity only by dropping our false identities. This is the time for ending the false sense of self. As soon as we allow ourselves to become what we feel, to embrace our humanness, the false self immediately drops away. Once the resistance, the static, the contraction, the breaks and scratches are completely accepted, who you are and what you feel becomes immediately validated in every way.

As we move into the solar eclipse in Virgo, we transition into an expansion. Simultaneously, we’re being asked to transition into completely new experiences: one of the greatest pathways to growth and healing. Many of us are still holding back here, for fear of once again being wounded. This restless energy is only about your soul looking for a place to call home and home will only be that which is authentic. The soul is what is making the choices here. Relationships and old situations are breaking down to herald in a more authentic life, a life that feels more like you. What feels good and what feels bad is only a result of the destiny of the soul, a destiny which can only appear in authenticity, in the truth of it’s being. Anyone and anything that is living in an illusion, living a false identity is suffering deeply at this time. But the great compassion of the Virgin Mother is continually pouring out her white ray of light through her mercy that is love. Suffering is appearing for those that are not yet living in a way that is aligned with how they truly feel and what they truly want. The need to embrace ones authenticity no matter how bad the suffering is, is the premise of this solar eclipse and also lays the groundwork for the month.

new youThe soul desires an experience of what it knows it is: health, vitality, joy, abundance, safety, beauty, connection and more! However these things must be expressed by the person before they become manifest in physical formations. And this is not an easy feat depending on the chakric blockages of a physical body. However, once the person begins to express their soul nature, no matter how inauthentic it feels at first, the kundalini energy awakens and begins to unblock and trigger the energies that eventually manifest physical formations of the soul’s true imprint: joy, health, love etc. It is through this pathway that the person can match up with their true and authentic nature in the physical realm. The retrograde shows us that we have to walk through the dark passageway of facing our worst doubts, fears and insecurities so that the nature of our soul, which is always fun and playful, can truly shine. This is really about doing what we love and about what feels good, which is always different for everyone and changes in every moment.

In essence, this is where the rejection of ones seperate self stops, as we recognize this aspect of ourselves as a sacred catalyst to self realization rather than a blockage that holds us locked in it’s grip. Through this embrace, we merge the earthly and the heavenly realms, accepting fully our own unique nature. It is in this merge that the end of living a lie appears, perfectly in time for the gateway of endings 9.9.9. This is the end of inauthentic relationships, environments and activities that don’t feel real and true for us. We realize here that these safety nets were only there to give us a false sense of security and love. The bottom line: if your hearts not in it, it’s not real! This is the end of complacency and submission, the end of ones lie. This is and only ever was about embracing the freedom to purely exist just as you are!

Around the piscean lunar eclipse, a sudden and powerful surge of energy occurs. Many people are still unsure of this cosmic energetic imprint that is upgrading and moving the collective into the light of Truth. This is a difficult process and the truth can hurt. During a breakdown we see the illusion and we become forced to face our worst fears. Many people are still exerting the energy of hatred and separation during these changes, but dear ones, they are not as harsh as they seem. They are here to bring you into more Truth. They’re here to burst the little floating bubbles of self depreciation and deception. Just because you don’t have control and have moved out of the safety and comfort of your lies, doesn’t mean that something bad is happening. Yet many people are still too scared to see themselves and are still covering up their true feelings and desires with false structures and dieties, as well as substances and activities that help them to maintain the ‘status quo’ . The theme for the lunar eclipse in pisces is: breaking free! By breaking the status quo for oneself and for the collective and being willing to see the clear, glassy reflection of ones loving soul and ones pure being, we step into the light. Those that are living the lie and choosing suffering truly are being cheated out of the souls authentic miraculous expression. This isn’t about doing anything! This isn’t about finding another practice or spiritual awakening recipe to follow, about finding a route to being our very ‘best self’! No, not at all!!! This is about being willing to see ourselves and then to love ourselves just as we are – our wrinkles and acne, our habits, our pains, our masks, our clinging, our desperation. Yes, we are human and it’s OK! This is about embracing the beauty of our humanness rather than seeking a manufactured sense of divinity.

By the end of the month, we’re really just releasing our ‘little selves’. To do this we must recognize where we’re still belittling our selves, making ourselves small and selling ourselves short for the fear of being judged and rejected for our light, our true self, which does’t necessarily look peaceful, “spiritual” and perfect! But, in this, we embrace our greatness, the vast possibilities of a being that is completely free, free of any lies, any inauthentic identities. Can we really see the magnitude of our light? The greatness within is the potential of what’s possible for us in our lives when we’re willing to break free of a life that is untrue. Can we see our royalty for the very first time and let tears of joy fall as we let ourselves be open and vulnerable at all costs, even risking rejection for our true feelings?

We need to honestly ask ourselves here: are we truly willing to see and accept ourselves for who we really are? In turn, do we have the ability to accept others as they really are as well?energy-update For we are indeed One and all are connected in their true being always! We have to trust that the unreasonable behavior of the outside world, of other people, is part of the sacred inner workings of the One life that moves and breathes into all as the creator, the destroyer.

This liberation can be seen as an intense surgical procedure and requires recovery. We need time to integrate these changes and upgrades of what is becoming more and more apparent in our lives. And it’s true that we will only get as much as we can handle – never more, so fear not! The Virgin ensures that gentleness, kindness and mercy is always at hand. We must be patient and kind to ourselves at this time, listening to our inner guidance, which never fails to lead us to unconditional love, instant healing and complete grace. This can sometimes mean going against other peoples expectations – but this really is just about you and about your own love affair, your own love story with yourself.

The more authentic we become – energetically accepting ourselves just as we are, completely embracing how we feel no matter how bad it is, the more life will begin to readjust. The physical, like magic, begins to take on forms that match the authenticity from which we’re living. For in true being none can really live a lie anymore. Choices can only be made that support the new embodiment of the true and authentic soul. Enlightenment only ever was about letting life be what it is and waking up from the great dream, the illusion and lie.

Ready? Blast off!! We are being freed as we say farewell to our old identities, our old lives. We made the choice to move into the unknown for the sake of living out our true selves and this will feel like home. At first, the feeling of something very new and foreign might tempt us to turn right back around, yet we’re not vibrating at the fear frequency anymore, the new authentic self is full of excitement, ready to take on the unconditional love of the universe no matter what it entails for now we’re operating at levels of complete trust, devotion and inner knowing.

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