workWe define so much of who we are by what we do: what our plans are, our job, how we make money. There is so much mental energy exerted into this. Doing has become the focal point of our collective society. Who would we be without the doing? Lazy, bored, useless? The human believes that in doing it can be validated. There’s nothing wrong with working, but what you do is not who you are.

When the sense of self-arises from what we do we become stuck in the belief that the more we do, the more important, valuable and lovable we are. Our bosses, clients,paychecks and material possessions become a checkpoint that defines whether we’re worthy. In this, we build a story land to preserve this false sense of self – our sense of being a productive, being a functional member of society, being someone that’s ‘got it together’. Now we’ve gotten approval, now we’re safe.

Life never needed approval. It never needed you to do anything or to be anything. In fact, life was always what was doing, that which was being done. The idea of a you appeared to attempt to fulfill it’s illusion of separation – it’s sense of not being enough. This sense of a seperate self was only ever an appearance, a single expression of a vast sea of consciousness.

This “you” only knows how to acquire and claim. It sees life through the thoughts that appear around what’s happening. It claims these thoughts into a sense of an “I”. The whole time that which is truly watching and listening is an awareness, a complete and total stillness. A presence that never needed the story for anything – the story of a you, of what you do and how you do it and where you’re going. This awareness, once awake and aware of itself, has no preferences for what’s being done – for what happens. Anything that’s happening is no different than anything else. The sounds, the feelings, the sensations, the changing images, the smells – this is it. This is all that ever happened and this is the miracle.

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