Nothing in the world of form will satisfy you. Try as you may to acquire one desire after another it will always, ultimately return to you dissatisfaction. This is such a brutal awakening for the person. In a way it’s devastating. But that which truly hears this message, is that which is being looked for in the world of form.

I’ve ceased producing content on non-duality for a few months now. The deconstruction after such a realization is extremely disorienting and results in various phases in which the mind and body is attempting to iron out that which it has accumulated through years of conditioning.

I have not changed, yet so much has been lost. In this loss only one thing is looked for and desired and this is the continual return to the true home that one is. Inversely, this home has never been left.

Upon seeing that one is not thought, thought still appears yet it is no longer taken for the truth. However, thought continues to produce an effect on the mind and body mechanism. From there it can still result in the feeling of constriction or relaxation. It is still recommended for the health of the body and the overall person that any psychological or physiological imbalances that are appearing be addressed and resolved.

One of the most profound effects of realization is the inability to live in lies. This is where the deconstruction takes place and also where the person will be subject to their own reality. Spiritual practices, counselors, self healing and self help practices are completely rendered obsolete without the person first experiencing true realization. I say this because without a true realization the tools are used by thought to fix thought, which is what I like to call a finger trap. Mind attempting to resolve mind is endless and will only result in the continual chase of desires. The key is to wake from the mind and then return to it and prove it’s delusion until the system is ironed out of the roots which have taken hold upon the identity. This is an act of absolute grace. Seeing reality outside of thought is an act of absolute grace. Yet it is indeed the most ordinary and obvious realization. As that which you are has been, is and always will be HERE. Right here. Right here. Right here.

There are many very good speakers on this subject: Jeff Foster, Rupert Spira, Gangaji, Adyashanti, Lisa Cairns. It is very helpful to listen to Satsang on non duality and each of these speakers in their own expression assists in the removal of delusion. It is highly recommended for those that get into this subject to explore other speakers in order to come to terms with their own experience.

The greatest challenge being faced in the dynamic that results from “seeing” is the period of deconstruction when the energy is vacillating between it’s conditioning and the reality that had revealed itself. One must grapple with the boundless, groundless space while experiencing it’s conditioning with even more sensitivity and capacity than it was ever capable of before. Ultimately, there really is just one end. All of life is continually driving itself into utmost clarity and authenticity no matter what you do, say or think about reality. In fact, the whole point of non duality is the ultimate pulverization of the navigator or controller energy. This is an inevitable effect of realization and can’t really be avoided, atleast not for very long. That which has been seen has already set the process of reconciliation in motion and does not have any interest whatsoever in lies. So in this regard life can become more painful, more messy and more unmanageable. But after this period, whose duration is variant, (and irrelevant at this point as the realization has registered the entirety of it’s existence) one should begin to see the perfect order of life and the body-mind should begin to relax it’s neurosis and erratic behaviors.

I’m not sure how much emphasis I want to place in consecutive writings defining and describing this deconstruction process. Ultimately, the message of this blog in one, it is simple, it is direct and to the point: there is just THIS and THIS is love beyond the imagination of what love is.

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