The pointing that is inherent in non duality often tends to get lost in its terminology “emptiness” “oneness” “nothingness” “enlightenment” “everything” “death of self” etc. This is the greatest disservice that the subject can do and one of the main reasons that those who enter it end up stuck.

Non duality is a return to humanness.

This is most often overlooked, because of years of spiritual training, where one is seeking for divinity. So, this message completely goes against what we’ve been taught.

It’s saying to return home, back into one’s humanity, which is divinity.

The truth is that on a human level, we absolutely must return to the inherent and sentient qualities of our humanity the compassion and the empathy. But, unfortunately, we cannot do this, if we do not first walk through the raging fire of our suffering.

Non duality is NOT about having beliefs of an identity or a non-identity, that you are someone or no-one.

Non duality points WAAAY beyond any and all beliefs.

Non duality is pointing to a return to your humanness, not your divinity.

A return to the imperfection, the messiness…this is like the ultimate poetry. Life!

And this isn’t about going into your suffering and getting stuck there – it’s about seeing the intelligence and the wisdom, the Truth that’s shining brightly in it.

The Truth on both the relative AND the ultimate level. The Truth on the ultimate level, always reveals the same thing, no matter what is being experienced or examined, and that’s the inherent perfection in whatever it is that’s appearing.

What’s appearing is appearing already in and of itself as the ultimate illumination.

Everything comes and goes and shifts. No matter what story you’re telling yourself right now, the event that caused it is over – something new is appearing RIGHT NOW and you are seeing it through the eyes of the past if you are suffering.

Existence of even this is already divine, pure, and perfect.

The shift in judgment or resistance is not something you DO or CHOOSE.

It’s a simple curiosity towards it, a willingness to listen to it, to consider the possibility of a new perspective beyond what good thoughts or bad thoughts are saying.

An open mind towards life is greatly useful for this on some level, to even want to walk or desire to explore the Nondual path. One must sense VERY DEEPLY that there is more to life, much more than what thoughts are indicating.

Just that simple curiosity, or the asking of:

Is this really true?
What is This?

will shift the perception.



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  1. Scott Johnson says:

    I had a good friend who would often say, ” all that is required is to show up”; I always appreciated that. Going going going….. always going. Thank you for your sharing. Gasho.


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