free-selfThe person believes him or herself to be a separate individual with preferences, appearances, roles, thoughts, feelings and functions. They believe that they are going through life making choices, experiencing sensations based on their own separate actions, having relationships with other people as though they are relating to another body as a completely separate individual. This is false. None of this is true. This is the greatest illusion.

What the person thinks itself to be, is, in actuality just an experience. That which the person truly is, is that which is having an experience of a seemingly separate individual. This is no different than someone watching a movie on the screen, outside of the fact that the watcher is also that which is being watched. My intention is not to explain truth in a complex manner that is not relatable, but at the same time, these words cannot ever be truly heard by the separate person that thinks they exist. To think that you exist is to believe in a very limited expression of all of life. It is to identify with a story of a you existing in time, but that which I am referring to is completely and utterly timeless.

Life is everything that is happening – all the sounds, sensations, actions, feelings, thoughts, conversations. There is not a person experiencing this from a physical body as a separate self, but rather there is just life experiencing itself as all of life. In this unbound freedom in that which is happening, the person has an experience of their mind-body mechanism. They believe this experience to be who they are, but that which they believe is who they are, is actually just an experience arising within all of life, completely connected, a part of and not separate from everything that is. Even the potential of this person waking up to its true identity is a complete illusion, because that which is never went to sleep to itself. Life never lived in the illusion of a you, a separate self. The beauty in this is that if everything is you, as life is everything, life is completely free. It cannot be against itself. Only that which thinks its separate feels like it’s not enough, that it needs more money, more love, more peace, more beauty. How can life want more from itself, if it is everything?

How much more love can you have for yourself, upon the realization that you do not exist and that you are just an appearance? How incredibly beautiful, creative and unique life is to dream up something that exists as you. Life expressed you, it dreamt you up and gave you the experience of an illusion of separateness to experience something it could never, ever be – separate. This is so beautiful and so incredible, so extremely lovely. That which you truly are, which is all of life, is witnessing it’s own creativity, it’s own experience, it’s own possibilities. To wake up from this dream, is to become aware of life happening as everything in love.

Love is it. Love is completion. It is the final homecoming. It is the greatest peace and freedom. Nothing you ever do, no one you ever meet, no matter how beautiful you become, how self aware, how rich, how fulfilled, this will all be an illusion of the person, the separate self, the story thinking it’s made it.You don’t exist, so you will never make it. All you are is a thought, an experience appearing within love, as love. This is it. This. This moment. It’s so complete, so full. It’s missing nothing, but it’s also nothing. Our whole lives we’re searching for meaning, fulfillment, yet this love is constantly appearing as everything, in everything totally complete. It fulfills it’s own ideas, passions, desires. There is nothing that’s not it. Every desire you have is it. It’s complete. It’s already home. It never needed a “you” to do anything, to figure anything out. It always already was it.

I can’t explain this any more clearly, within the limitation that words give. If I can write about it, it’s not it. This cannot be caged in words, thoughts or feelings. This is not a philosophy or concept, or something that needs reasoning and intellectual understanding. I’m talking about something that is beneath your thoughts about this blog or your desire to “wake up”, I’m talking about complete loss. I’m referring to the collapse of an identity into all of life. There is nothing that could ever be more beautiful and more full of love than this experience.

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