coming aliveWe are officially coming out of the woods. Metaphorically speaking we are ready to take flight and use the wings we’ve been given but have forgotten about for so long. This is much more than just a rebirthing, a shedding of old skins, but rather a total collapse of the old identities we’ve clung to for so long. We’ve moved through an incredible gateway with this last full moon eclipse that perfectly brought into balance the feminine receptive energy, with the masculine aspect of creation. Springtime and Easter have heralded the opening of this eclipse gateway and paved the path for true freedom – and only those capable of true authenticity will be gifted with the embodiment of Christ consciousness which is just total purity, total space in an energetic sense.

In this time, we are releasing our old identities. This refers to the identity that associates with illusions of separation. As we begin to let go of these illusions, we are casting away the deadened parts of ourselves – the parts that no longer serve us; parts that in turn, have already served their true purpose and there really is no need to hang on to them any longer. That which you are clinging to refers to old ideas and beliefs. These are based in fears and are being mirrored to you by your primary relationships: parents, partners, teachers etc. Especially if these relationships are experiencing ruptures or static. They are here to help you see the lies and the illusions in you, those that are rooted in separateness. Any thoughts associated with this “cluttering” of the inner space, prevents this brand new, and highly energized frequency of purification to move in it’s perfect flow. The key is: Make the move! You’re ready and it’s time.

Abundance and money is a heavy theme that is coming up to be addressed. For so long we’ve blocked true abundance by being focused on material satisfaction. We have misunderstood how our sense of separation, the clinging to old ideas and old ways of doing things, has blocked us from seeing that freedom is the true abundance. Wherever you are hanging on too, and clutching with extreme grasping energy or ideas, especially money – these are blockages to abundance. The present moment always offers true freedom, true richness. Space is only ever here and now in whatever is happening. To return to our true home, is to return to space, which is always pure. It is always the freedom or the openness of energy which always move forward as more than financial security, but as abundance in the form of letting in all of life: people, places, experiences and opportunities. At this point focus is NOT that which is needed. Focus has actually distracted us form our true nature by condensifiying free energy into a specific form. We are dealing with complete and total liberation and this energy is alive here and now only and it’s always changing and is only accessible and alive within us as awareness and alertness to what is happening. Focus cages energy. This is about unification, about making sure nothing is remained hidden. As we let go of our lack mentality and any ideas associated with money, we move fully into fulfillment and satisfaction, not just in the material sense but in mind and spirit as well.

We are also being asked to go with the flow. This means we are unified with all that is happening. When one is resistant to ANYTHING that is happening, they are rooted in separation. Allowing the flow to take place in and through consciousness lets freedom come into embodiment, letting life be free just as it is. Embodiment is the manifestation of freedom and love, and the only reason this process isn’t experienced instantaneously for some is because there is resistance. There is some sort of contracttion to what is happening. Any desires or ideas that are deep, consistent, hidden are what are real and need to be examined. Life will continue to support only that which is life affirming and it is resistance to moving forward out of fear of failure that keeps one down. Again, the point is to go with the flow to move ahead exponentially, in body, mind and Spirit. To be in the flow, is to unify with whatever is happening.

Most importantly, we are now free to walk our own path of authenticity and individuality, staying true to our own heart, our own heartbeat, rhythm, and the unique and specific desires that are moving through YOU, not others. The desires others have towards you are illusions and that’s precisely why they don’t feel good. Continue on fearlessly, fully on your own and unique path. Live your own life through your own soul vision to stay on the right path, a path that will always be true and authentic. To be aware of this is to be completely devoted to it. The unseen no longer exists. That which is unseen is completely in the open now. This energy is now only and exclusively about openness, complete and total transparency towards everything. Whatever you want – your desire is possible. The only reason you’ve thought it’s not is because the thought of impossibility has become a belief in fear – which is NOT FAITH. Faith blazes the trail, sharp as a razor, moves only in one direction as a river, unfailingly back to its source, the fulfillment of the original desire.

How do we live this? By continuing to go within, to create the space that fulfills itself. We must go within completely, and daily and at every moment to consistently break into the all knowing and all seeing light once and for all. This is time to give birth to greater levels of awareness, by putting all our illusions to rest, letting them go. They’re becoming so, so big. Like Elephants! They feel real, almost like a person, but it is still just an illusion. It’s OK. It’s safe and necessary for you to let any illusions of failure, worthlessness, loss and error die and put them to rest.

Lastly, great strength is available in, through and after this process. A total resurrection, which does take strength to be able to move and continue through the dark woods, is achieved by willingly dying at any given moment to the embrace of the new. This is all about coming back alive as all of life, untouchable, completely free in ones true beauty and grace. We can only come here through complete and total dedication to living a free and authentic life. This gives us strength and actually becomes a natural shield, as such a great emanation of energy that nothing can really move into it and bring you down, disturb or intrude upon your grace. The key words here are devotion and faith to living in TRUTH.

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