Walking Into The Fire

However it is that one arrives at the gates of non duality, whether by accident, by experience, or because of a deep and complete calling for Truth, there is no turning back. On this path, once begun, there must be a full and complete acceptance of dualistic energies: light and dark, conscious and unconscious, truth and lies. The path of non duality is not either / or; it is both. No longer is life experienced through a filter. Life, in all of it’s excruciating beauty and pain, arrives at your door step and it wants to step inside. The human form, the ego, the parts that are guarding your True self (voices, thoughts, energies) will not let it in. These human forms are guarding the Self’s entry into true illumined awakening at all costs. Not because they are “bad” or “evil” or “against you’, but because they are what they are. They are the gatekeepers of the Truth, and they will not let just anyone in – only love. Only love will gain entry.

The Path of the Mystic

The deeper one goes on this path, meaning the more committed and devoted to Truth that they become, the more urgent and primal this calling towards the unity of dark and light forces is. Mistakenly, one may believe they must “do” something in this union. But this is a union of Being. Not alchemy, transmutation, and especially not forcefulness can assists in this union. This is a path of surrender and of acceptance, and ultimately of full and total embodiment of Christ consciousness. Initially, like many, when I began this path, it was through a calling towards wanting to know God, or Truth, more than I wanted to live. This was the end of “me” as I knew it, and the beginning of real life. It’s very much like many mystics say, that waking up to your true nature is where all the fun really begins. Of course, waking up to all of life, as all of life, is not always fun or pleasurable, it’s everything! This turning point, for me, was ultimately the leaving behind of a non duality that was a dead and static crutch used to avoid life. Rather, it was the birth of the mystic in me. The birth of the poet. Not in words, but in Being. It was the beginning of the dance of life…of what other mystics refer to as an “empty fullness” or “emptiness dancing”.

Coming Home

The path of the mystic, is the singing of a Divine song of love. It is the hearts’ own yearning to embody life, all parts of it, all parts of itself. Is is the begging of a deep calling and craving to unify with everything and everyone. It is the natural awakening of one’s own nature. The sensitivity and the capacity for love is greatly increased, and one’s physical, mental , and emotional body undergoes massive transformation that is undeniable. One’s Spirit orients towards becoming light as a feather, and the release of darker energies is incessant. But the light that seemingly results from these deep releases is gracious, and kind, making the path of coming home worthwhile in every sense. Whether there is an end to this dance, I do not know. But I also know it no longer matters. What does seem to matter is more compassion, more love, more service, more peace. These are not things that are sought by any means, but rather appear as seeming byproducts of this deep inner yearning and calling for love.

No Maps

This post is a description, it is not a map, for this path of non duality does not hold a map . The map is love, your love, and your love has no real or defined path, no clear answers, no reason or logic to it. It simply is what it is for the sake of Being itself.

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