During the dissolution of a sense of separation, or the personal identity, (or an an energetic collapse), the truth of who you are, your silence, becomes somewhat like a magnet. The strong pull and force of your true nature acts like a limitless void and black hole, into which the separate energy, including all its games is drawn to. This can feel like loosing a sense of center, disorienting, confusing, and scary. Your world as you know it, is collapsing…and quite frankly there is nothing you can do about it. From here an interesting paradox appears…the energy is suspended between two worlds…the one of psychological security and energetic freedom, creation and destruction, light and dark. These dualistic energies appear stronger and more apparent than they have ever before, since the sense of self was once much more capable of entangling itself in its very exciting story and dream of seeking. Now the vivid and stark contrast between the dual and non dual nature of Being is practically overwhelming.

Seeking or avoidance is also intensified during this period. Seeking for security or comfort, into the world of the known, distraction etc. This could play out as a strong urge to hide, to escape, to disappear, or simply to stop the noise. The ante of the noise is indeed loud…make no mistake about it. Most especially towards the end of this process of collapse, the intensification of the energy feels like it’s at a fever pitch, extraordinarily strong. Yet, underneath this chaos is the still, sparkling light of your Being, which makes no error or mistake in this process. As it progresses towards refining consciousness to more and more subtle levels, the vast spaciousness which contains the alchemical forces of the unconscious realm, the world of the dream, begins to expand and swallow up the remaining parts of the self which are still fighting and resisting the inevitable dissolution into the still, silent Being of that which one is.

The reason I write this post today, is because the suspension of the ego (think hanged man in the tarot deck, a symbolism of the divine feminine or surrender) drives the ego structure into the brink of madness because it has been unsuccessful with it’s attempt to individuate from the Self. It may make as much noise as possible, and also consume as much noise as possible to resist this process of the awakening of Self, the wholeness of Being, the totality of all that is. This is considered the very last phase of the dark night of the soul, which is the resurrection of the abandoned or rather still unconscious aspects of the self. Yet, it is this bringing them to light, which both harmonizes and liberates the energy from the confinement and prison of the dream, illusion, the sense of separation.

So, in conclusion: simply stop the noise. That’s it. Don’t stop it as an ego act, rather allow the silence which is underneath, and also within, this chaos to simply dissolve into the ethereal, unreal, and subtle substance of that which it came from and is made of.

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