True freedom and true joy can not be taken from you. If you are still blaming others and external situations for your suffering, you are living in the dream of thought.

Your mind and the mind of God are one.

God’s mind is joy and freedom. In joy and freedom is the expression of all things including your thoughts, your circumstances, beliefs, experiences, perceptions. This expression is being filtered to the extent that you are open. This means that God’s mind can only come forward and reveal itself as the creator of all things, once the “you” takes a back seat.

Often this back seat is the last resort. When we’re truly stuck. When we really get in-between a rock and a hard place. Trying to hold on to the idea of next, next, next, the next moment, the next experience, the next partner, the next bank account balance, the next travel date makes it impossible for you to take this back seat. You are lost in the dream, you are still lost in seeking.

All things rise and fall. There is nothing in the mind of God that comes, that does not also go. No matter what you attain in the dream of “next” that will be lost. You’ll experience this. We all do.

God’s mind creates everything and anything. If it can be thought, it can also be created.

This mind, this consciousness, is the substance of all things.

When one is awake, one has woken up to from dream of thought, which is only interested in NEXT, never THIS, never HERE, never NOW.

Do we realize that our entire life is a dream? Can we see that our life is no different than the dream that’s being had at night? When we awake the same mind that dreamt our dreams is dreaming our day into being, moment by moment. Where does this mind come from, where is it going?

This should stop you. The answer here is unknown.

All that can ever be known is this moment, which in an of itself is a total mystery. Where did it come from where is it going?

No one knows this. This moment is spontaneously being dreamt up moment to moment. It has no agenda, it has no formula. It may have certain apparent laws, like cause and effect, within which it responds, but in and of itself it is totally unpredictable, spontaneous and free because of its nature, which is the nature of the universe.

This is the truth that most people don’t want to accept: we don’t know who we truly are, we don’t know where we come from and we don’t know where we are going.

Can we accept this?

If we can, we can collapse into the freedom and joy that we are.

What is the point of trying to control our lives, other people? Control can never, ever be had. The idea of controlling life is like the idea of trying to bottle the ocean in a small glass. It’s unfathomable, impossible.

Until the dream is woken up from and comes to a full stop, there will be suffering, because there will be the illusion of living in this control.

You can not have ANY control. You never will and you never did. Because you’re not really here. Life is here. And life is unknowable. It’s a total mystery. Only this moment can be known as it is. Outside of this moment is only the dream.

You were not the one who made the money, got the job, chose your living situation and created the relationship or family. This was dreamt up by One mind. And this mind is indeed expressing as you. But you are unknowable, untouchable – like the wind. You just are. You come and go, when the weather patterns change and leaves begin to fall, it appears that you exist and one can feel your gust on their skin, but no sooner do you arrive and you are already gone. Merged with the next moment. And the next, and the next.

Come home to your unknowable nature. Rest in this unknown. Just gather all the pieces of yourself that are still out in the world seeking and put them to rest here in this moment, in the only home that you are which is here. Right here.

The entire universe is reading these words right now. Can you take that in? Of course not! This can’t be touched by something with an idea of limits or boundaries. You could never take that in, only IT, itself, could take YOU in. But you have to let go. You have to be willing to be nothing and no one first. You have to be willing to burn away.

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