Right now, there is no problem.

Whatever you’re going through, whatever you’re trying to get out of, whatever it is that’s arising, it is not a problem.

The entire world of problems is made up. It’s fictional.
Even if you go bankrupt, or your partner divorces you, or you’re experiencing inconceivable physical suffering, or your loved one dies.
It is not a problem.
Life didn’t make a mistake.
You didn’t get it wrong.
You’re not screwed up because you didn’t fix something, figure something out, do something better, create something different.
It’s not your fault.
You are not responsible.

You don’t exist.

What you think is a problem, is just that…a thought.

It can seem very real, I get it. When the wound gets infected, when the grief keeps you up at night, when you’re shaking from rage, when your mind is a cyclone and it won’t stop…
The illusion that is created can make the problem seem very, very real, very hopeless, and very life threatening, but no matter what’s going on, it’s not a problem.

You think you exist, and that you have the power to stop or create something that can give you a result that you want.

Stop this game.

You cannot win it.

It will never work.

Stop even just for a moment, long enough to see that the world you’ve created doesn’t exist without your thoughts about it.

“I can’t stop my thoughts.” You say. “They’re helping me. They’re going to get me out of this.”




You can’t get out of this.

You are THIS.

THIS is who you are.

You are what is happening.

And what is happening is free. It is love. Your thoughts and your problems are arising in it.

But what is happening is not your problems or thoughts.

It’s THIS.

It is not what you think is free, or what you think is love.

Not what you think you want.

It’s not what you think it is, or where you think it’s going. Or where you want it to go.

What is, is what it is.

What is, is all that is.

And if it’s happening, there is no way out of it. Because it’s what’s happening.


And I know that’s not what you want to hear when the doors slam shut, when your pounding your fists against the wall, when the fridge is empty. When you feel like the world will eat you alive, and all of life is against you…and you could perish any moment…

No, this doesn’t help.

But see the Truth in what was just written. Not your thoughts about what it means for you, or where it’s going, and how it can help you get something…no. Just see the still, silent, empty truth in what was just written.

What is devoid of you.

What is devoid of your wants.

What is devoid of your thoughts and beliefs.

Just what is.

What is, is the way. The beginning and end. The only reality that can be known.

It is the salvation, the reprieve, the solution.

And it is already here.

Boundlessly, wildly free.

Not good. Not bad.

Not better or worse.

Just simply THIS.




There is no other world.

No he or she, or them.

No it.

No that, or this.


All that collapses in THIS.

There is no movement. Yet movement happens.

There is no solution. Yet solutions happen.

There is no arriving. Yet a destination is arrived at.

Abandon the world of thinking and thoughts. This world of problems.

Leave this dream.

It has been dreaming long enough.

Realize that you are already dwelling in love.

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