People get stuck because they don’t understand how energy works.

Yes, it’s true – energy can not be created or destroyed. The energy matter in the universe remains constant. It can only change from one form to another.

If the energy in your life or body feels stuck, you cannot remove it or create a different energy.

You can only SHIFT what is already there.

This is precisely why pushing it away, covering it up or bypassing doesn’t work. The energy will always come right back up in some other way.

On the most foundational level, energy can only be understood because of the form it is taking…

”I’m tired” “I’m uninspired” “I’m angry.” “I’m in love” …and so forth.

More importantly, energy can get stuck and become a stalemate reflected in work, finances, health issues, relationships, and in environments or old mental stories.

The article below offers a framework to shift stuck or sticky energy that just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

The truth is that these steps are in a way unnecessary, because energy inevitably shifts on its own. It is completely 100% clear and direct about where it’s going. However, most often, the complex workings of the subconscious mind reroute, interfere, block, or become an obstacle to the natural energetic flow.

But with a conscious process as described below, energy is able to shift much faster and in a much more constructive manner, because when energy becomes conscious, it can be intentional and follow through on it’s intention, often service towards creative projects, emotional healing, or a number of positive resolutions to conflict or disharmony on a mental, physical, or emotional level.

The process below should not be done with the intention of fixing, removing, or healing anything. It is a simple, open, curious exploration of energy as it is appearing. The more of a neutral non-personal approach you have to it, the more it will shift.

1. Notice It

Energy shifts, first and foremost, by coming to the surface.

This means telling the truth about what’s happening.

Looking, observing, patiently listening to the energy.

What is it? Where is it? How does it feel?

2. Enter It

Next, energy cannot be rejected. It can’t be hidden away, locked up, or ignored. It will always resurface in another form, in some other way..and often times not in the most preferable way, as it resurges with the resistance that’s wrapped up into it.

Energy with resistance could resurge through an accident, an illness, a disagreement with a loved one, or an emotional upset…etc. So, if the energy you’re struggling with, such as depression, or anger, or grief, comes with a high degree of resistance, the only way through it is into it.

This means experiencing it thoroughly. Not dwelling on it, but simply, getting a better idea of its qualities, habits and patterns, and any interrelated thoughts or stories. Again, we’re not doing anything with this information. We’re just here with it.

3. Don’t Resist It

Non-resistance or surrender to an energy is quite a conscious act. It recognizes energy as intelligence that is self sustaining. This means that it knows what it’s doing and where it’s going. Often times, this is why illness is so misunderstood and not resolved. The body offers an illness as a response to an energetic disharmony, to try and attempt to come back into balance. The less resistance to this process, the better.

4. Move It

Only once an energy comes to the surface, and becomes integrated as described in the process above, can it shift. This requires a conscious action or a movement. Sometimes, this action will be clear, such as simply tapping on your heart, singing, jumping around or taking some direct action.

See if the energy needs something. Do you need to lay down, get under the covers, drink some water, get a bit of fresh air or sun?

If you’re not sure, you can write a poem, paint, dance, meditate, stretch, go for a walk, run, do something you can do alone, pray, light incense, sage, write an email, work on a project etc. But take whatever action is arising by your self. This is an intimate process, and one where you are getting to know YOURSELF. Not venting with or to others about it.

Like any energy work, hydrate and allow a few days for the energy to shift.

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