timekeepingI’ve really been focused on the concept of time lately. It has become an obsession for me. In my 15+ hour day, I am absolutely devoted to being present with what I’m working on, who I’m speaking to (and for how long and about what). There is nothing more important to me than dispersing my “hours” efficiently, purposefully and appropriately. This means that I understand what to do if I’m tired, need inspiration, have to buckle down and reach my goals. I am getting much better about it, because the time I do have is primarily spent doing the things I like (yes, this means my job, my projects, my difficult runs or even eating as much apple pie as I want).

I feel fulfilled and grateful. I believe it takes so much more effort for us to resist productivity than just get things done. You don’t need the guilt, resentment, regret! The time we have here on earth is limited. That’s the truth. However many hours you’re allotted here-should be fulfilling. Next time your zoning out on the internet, watching television, having a non-productive or meaningless conversation, opt-out! Set boundaries with yourself, and ask yourself: “What could I do that will be the most meaningful, fulfilling, productive at this time?” The only moment that exists is now. So, you can keep looking at the clock and telling yourself, “later, later” or you can just dive head first into the icy and unpleasant waters, break through resistance and be absolutely free.

I didn’t always understand this concept- always waiting for a future break, a better opportunity, someone to guide me, something to inspire me. Guys-it’s not worth waiting for anything-just act on anything related to your purpose! Your life is happening right here, right now. If you’re not sure what it is you’re here to do, ask yourself “What makes me feel good?” If helping people makes you feel good, just go down to the local shelter and start volunteering. If being around children feels good, call a friend up with kids and ask them if they need some help. If you love cooking, make an amazing recipe and share it with you friends. Do you see the common thread? The more we contribute, the more we are fulfilled. As long as what you love to do is helping someone else, you’ve figured it out! Now just dive in to that icy lake, even though it’s going to be freezing! You won’t regret it.

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