dancingFor many of us, when we find ourselves in dire circumstances we begin to resist the uncomfortable feeling of being disconnected or misaligned. We develop a resistance to ourselves and to the undesirable and often times unbearable experience we are having. Many times, the negative feeling of resistance that we are experiencing stems from an unmet desire or expectation-something outside of us that has not fulfilled itself to our hope of what it “should” be. We fail to acknowledge that we have created this experience and thus, do not own our power to change our circumstances, and experience paralyzing fear as a result.

In a universe primarily operating on 3 major laws: the law of love, the law of oneness and the law of attraction, we are really just experiencing a hologram of our, primarily, 3rd dimensional perspective of reality. What I mean by 3rd dimensional, is the immediate physical and seemingly unrelated manifestation of something that is “separate” from us. Resistance is separation. When we feel love towards an experience, this love is, in essence, an experience of oneness with the experience. Any resistance is a separateness or merely the absence of love, the ultimate force of creation. It is this love, which empowers you to shift out of and change your current reality or perspective. To break this down even further, we must understand why we have experienced separateness in the first place. Separateness, at it’s basic core, is an attachment to and the primary experience of the physical reality or 3rd dimension. Any conscious understanding of concepts like love, oneness, trust and so forth are an actual evolution of consciousness or an ascension into a higher dimension. The moment we become aware of our suffering, of our separateness, is the moment in which we can transition from bondage to the third dimension. It is this transition of thought, which takes a mere and simple shift in “beingness” that has the potential to catapult us back into the loving arms of the divine, into a state of unification, oneness and trust.

During prolonged or debilitating periods of separateness and resistance, we must commit to our awareness. It is in this space that we have the ability to access a deep reservoir of trust and ultimately complete and blind faith. The ingenious design before you has actually blessed you by allowing you to experience separateness. How is this so, you ask? Why would I be willed into suffering? Your soul perspective, or rather the “allness” that is you-the part of you that is love, is quite unique in and of itself, and contains a perfect soul expression of you. This soul expression, like anything in life, exists from intention. This means that you exist as an “idea”, in addition to existing as a physical being. This idea is your intention. The intention of the universe, and thus the intention of you, as you are an extension of the universe, is expansion. Nothing in existence understands or truly knows the extent to which it is able to expand to, as it is limitless and infinite. The universe itself doesn’t even know to what extent it is able to expand, as it is continually creating and re-creating in real time, in the now. Any experience that is painful and that arises within you as resistance, is a deeply spiritual and blessed experience of the universe ultimately seeking to unify with you, heal you and reconnect you to its source which is love or creation.

When we understand this at a micro and macro level, we experience a deep allowing and surrender for the great force that is mirroring itself back to us. Awareness allows us to enter this space of surrender. Surrender is not merely acceptance, but rather trust. Trust beholds within itself the fruit of your labor, the diamond in the ruff. Keep pushing through the darkness, stay aware and observant, for a beautiful and majestic dance will soon begin. And remember, it is you in this moment, right now, that has the universe within you.

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