What one is, created what is.

Yet, it appears to be at war with what is – at war with itself, resisting its very existence.

Its existence is both real and unreal.

It resists what is, because what is, is normally unpleasant, and therefore avoided.

In actuality, it is neither pleasant or unpleasant, for anyone, or because of anything. It just is, what is.

The avoidance of what is (distraction, seeking, fighting, addiction, overworking, over eating etc.) originates from “what is” , because what is, is being taken as personal.

Conflict comes from an attempt to try to figure out, fix, or know something about what is happening. Because what is, is taken personally, the personal self looks into “what is” in order to try and find it’s origin, so that it can eliminate it. Yet, it never succeeds at finding the origin. The personal self, always tries to find the origin of what’s wrong, and never succeeds. Because the personal self is unfulfilling, it is unfulfillment itself. Therefore, it does try to blame everything and everyone (which is what it is) for its suffering.

The apparent personal self also does not succeed at eliminating its suffering, because in actuality it is trying to eliminate what it itself is, which is what is. Even at death or in suicide, it does not succeed at eliminating itself or what is. It never reaches the end (which it believes is resolution) because the resolution is the end of seeking.

The end of seeking happens to no one, because of no thing.

What is – is.

It just is, what is.

What is, is not “what is” and something else. Something mystical, or aware, or extra spiritual. It is, literally, what is.

The origin of what is, appears to be energetic. But it is the appearance of energy that gives rise to the illusion of presence and someone who could be present or aware. But even presence and awareness are part of the dream. What is comes first, and it is what gives rise to the dream. What is, is what everything, including presence or awareness originates from.

Even trying to tell the truth is a form of seeking. There is no one here that could ever even tell the truth.

Eventually, even the idea of “truth” is revealed as a dream.

What is, is. For nothing, for no one.

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