Our whole lives, most of us learn that when we’re feeling stuck, lost, unloved, or abandoned we must turn outside of ourselves to solve the problem. Eventually, we turn to becoming more “spiritual” “awake” or “conscious” to do this. We use yoga, meditation, journaling, psychotherapy, plant medicine, prayer etc to fix a world of wrongs. We ask silly questions like “How can I embody Christ consciousness?” , getting wrapped up a story of ascension, enlightenment, or awakening. We become addicted to those aha – clarity moments. Each time we discover a limiting belief or have some sort of profound recognition we believe that we’re “ascending”, “healing” “becoming more divine” “making it.”Yet, these experiences, no matter how spiritual they are, rarely leave one permanently fulfilled. We crave deep clarity or transformative healing on this new path and believe it will come when we heal thoughts, energies, or beliefs.

Conveniently, the spiritual world offers us an endless can of mystical goodies that offer the “solution” to this deep yearning for the Truth that is actually being covered up by these mystifications. A new technique, supplement, spray, activation, exercise, retreat, method, idea, or insight. Without even realizing it, we become wrapped up in our own story of liberation and what we need to do, to get there.

My question for you today, is

Who are you without needing anything other than what is happening, right now?

Take a moment. Stop reading these words and soak in your sweet presence that is simply already and freely here. Will your presence ever leave you? Does it ever actually change? Can you truly modify it, improve or enhance it? Did it ever really move? Did anything ever really happen to it?

The Truth can not be sold to you, taught, nor can it be acquired, because you actually already have it.

The truth is, there is no boundary between who you are and the world. Between who you are and what’s happening. You were never born, and you can never die. You can not add to or take away from yourself. You can not change a single aspect of your Being. You can do a myriad of spiritual practices and play an endless supply of spiritual games, but this will impact you not at all. Who you are is a timeless, still, Being, presence. Who you are is the substrate of your entire reality. In fact, reality can not exist without it, without you. So how could “waking up” “ascending” “healing yourself” do anything for you that is not already done?

We must be wary of the endless world of transformation in our spiritual communities, and also in our societal structures. The truth is who you are does not need to be perfect, ascended, abundant, living your purpose, or liberated. You’re not happy, not because you need to change, but because you’ve forgotten who you are. And this remembering is instant. It’s immediate. It simply requires the willingness to pull out of yourself everything that you believe still needs to change within you. Nothing needs to change. Stop all of your beliefs about what needs to change, simply for a moment. Be courageous enough to be naked…bare…imperfect…completely, utterly, and totally laid open just as you are.  Just be that. Be what you are and see what is already, totally, impeccably, whole.

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