Getting Stuck & Not Moving Forward

Many people never get to where they want to be – feelings and thoughts of love, joy and abundance, because they don’t know how to move forward from where they are…feelings and thoughts of lack, loneliness, and unhappiness.

It’s not possible to get to where one would like to go, without first realizing where one is.

So often one shapes their desires by what one thinks will bring them love, happiness, or abundance. One will look at images or other’s who seem to “have it all”…fame, fortune, fancy cars, homes, and idealistic families…and thinks “…they look happy, so that must be what I need in order to be happy too.” Then they get stuck in “not having” abundance, love, happiness, health or whatever.

Yet, the truth is that everything is already right where you are because it is what you are! This is a trigger sentence. Unless, this is recognized, what I just wrote is annoying. I get it.

It is in the unveiling of what is already here, that one gets to where they would like to go, and ironically realizes that they’ve arrived where they’ve always been.

How Can I Recognize What I AM?

This recognition is the essence of the Hero’s journey.

One leaves “home”, travels far and wide, setting various characters, circumstances in motion, and rediscovers their identity outside of the family unit, or the home, and then is able to make a full return back to their home, only more alive, more real, more vibrant, more authentic and rooted in their new identity.

The hero’s journey is the journey of returning to one’s true self. This journey is essential to the process of unveiling who you are. Metaphorically, this doesn’t have to mean you pick up, pack up, and depart physically, however the journey cannot happen unless one leaves home, or in this case the beliefs that originate from the illusory sense of home. So, let us unpack this.

The Hero’s Journey

  1. Home, metaphorically speaking is identity. It is who you think you are. It is the karmic, collective, identity of the group or the family, and the rules set forth by whomever the primary authority figures were: the parents or the caregivers.
  2. The Hero, recognizes that they are in need of their own identity. The impulse to leave the group arises.
  3. The Hero ventures out on a journey into the unknown…the subconscious mind, which is mirrored back through the people they meet, fall in love with or form relationships on this journey.
  4. Through a series of circumstances, events, conflicts or achievements the Hero makes known that which has been keeping Him/Her in bondage: the subconscious beliefs about health, money, love, community, purpose, meaning.
  5. The Hero then discovers their True self, and unveils the identity that is void of the group.
  6. The Hero returns to the group, as their True self.

The beauty of this metaphoric journey, is that it indicates what must happen in order for one to get to where they want to go…to their true home love, health, joy, abundance, creativity.

There must be the departure from the known, and an entry into the subconscious realm. It is in this subconscious realm, that the dark night of the soul is experienced, as well as much pain and suffering. It is the process of the ending of the false self.

Exposing the Subconscious Realm

To the extent that one is willing to examine one’s beliefs about love and money, and any other relevant symbolic area that reflects that which is deeply wanted, then the true crystallization process of consciousness can occur. It is on these training grounds that one may unveil the True self.

One great way to do this quickly, (without the illusory perception that this is an arduous long, drawn out process), is to simply journal out one full page out of all the beliefs your parents or caregivers had about money, love, health, community, work etc.

Simply writing this list, I’ve found, is enough to clear the cobwebs of the subconscious mind that are recreating dysfunctional and also undesirable circumstances.

Here are some examples of beliefs that may have been carried from home, and how they are creating obstacles to where you would like to go:

“Money comes from hard work.” One continually finds themselves in a job that is not fun, playful or pleasurable.

You were told to keep quiet as a child when you had feelings you wanted to express, and you begin to believe, your opinions and feelings aren’t valid. You loose trust in yourself.

“You need someone to support you.” You disown your personal power and allow others to make decisions for you.

You watched an illness in your family, and you begin to believe that the body will get sick.

“You are lazy.” Relaxation, or watching TV comes with feelings of guilt or shame, and one is discouraged from any form of work, even something as simple as washing the dishes.

These beliefs tend to become more evident or apparent in relationship. When beliefs come into contact with their opposite, they then come to the surface. So any disharmony in relationships benefits from the one page journaling described above.

Ultimately, this is describing the transformation of consciousness. The shift from darkness, that which is hidden, to light. The shift from that which is false, to that which is true.

Once the page is written out, and it is clearly seen where bondage is occurring, one can bring a neutral space of awareness to the process of shifting these beliefs into a more authentic, and harmonious expression of I AM.

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