peaceAll energies stem out of emptiness, and they are connected by emptiness from which they come. In fact there is always complete unification in disharmony. Disharmony as we know it cannot exist, it is only an illusion that stems from the belief in separation. There is ever only one pillar that is holding a form in place and that is beliefs. Changing or letting go of a belief, changes the entire structure of the illusion. This is a period for us to consider, what are our pillars, our illusions. What are we holding on to and are you willing to let go of all your knowledge and even wisdom, to reduce yourself to nothingness, which is completely vast, unattached and open. It is in this nothingness, or letting go, where we are willing to find the complete stillness that exists within us and thus all of life. Through this stillness we find the way to harmony and unification, as we release any and all beliefs that we have held on to, as they have kept us separate, rooted and inflexible, unwilling to open to what is.

The focus right now is on connecting, working together in groups and realizing that form is second place to energy, which connects all forms of life. As we go within to our true nature, we connect even more deeply with all forms of life. We notice that nature herself is reflecting back what is gentle, delicate, patient, creative, complete and majestic and always willing to die and live for no reason and for no purpose other that that which is.

Going within will emphasize the aliveness of all of life and we will become drastically more sensitive to everything and anything. IT is from this space that we realize that we can only express that which has been born in stillness. We must be extra careful that we are not rooted in judgement and separation, gossiping and belittling any aspect of life or creation. Expressing from a place of purity, openness, curiosity and a willingness to expand we realize that there is always that which is never moving, the essence of your being, that which watches all of life in complete and absolute peace, which is love.

All forms come and go in completeness. They complete and start themselves all at once. They move with purpose and intention at all times which makes everything perfect just as it is – always. This winter solstice gateway is a period of grace. She reveals to us that the more open and willing to release our beliefs and judgements we are, the more in harmony we will be. This opens for us a greater capacity for the experience of universal love and oneness. This period of stillness, going within completely, moves us into profoundly deep levels of intuition. In fact, it’s all we have, and everything else is just an illusion. This is why the stillness is so important – it will keep you connected to the oneness and the ONE way of all of life. It is this stillness in which the entire cosmos resides in. To be in tune to it, is to be in tune to all of life. It exists in perfect peace, harmony and love – untouched.

This solstice is pointing to a global overt and excessive focus on wealth – the greatest illusion. True wealth is already here, always, it is always what is. The collective desire for accumulation is just occurring, however the reading of this message, is a sliver of a gateway, a great call, to the deep stillness that resides within you to bring this disparity in consciousness into focus. The accumulation of wealth is an oppressive, heavy energy that contains a dense experience, heavily rooted in suffering. True abundance comes from the stillness, which is the love, that exists within, where one is always in harmony with what is and never needing more than what is. The accumulation of wealth is a great disservice to the preservation or experience of stillness within the human and also in our natural world. It is creating great imbalance and destruction. This solstice is revealing that the focus on money and the world of form has become a disease and is rampant. This imbalance can only be restored by the human finding perfect trust in the stillness that lives within, which will birth great compassion, kindness and a deep communion with all other living beings.

There is also a great focus on communication. That which is arising is always the answer, no matter what it is. It is never more or less than what is. We are in fact connecting with all of life at all times solely through emotion, and communication has absolutely NOTHING to do with words, but rather with how we feel. Emotional balance is achieved through a deep connection to the stillness within. How we feel about ourselves and the world around us is that which determines our connection to all of life.

This winter solstice is calling us forth, asking us whether we are ready to experience complete freedom. The going within is the gateway through which we must be willing to step through, no matter how dark or drastic the experience may be, in order to see and step into our true nature which is completely unbound, unafraid, connected and creative. As we let go of our pillars attachments, beliefs and judgements, ideas and desires to accumulate material wealth we become aware of our completeness and open to the vast infinite possibilities of an innocent and unbound love.

It is at this time of the winter solstice that all things are being asked to face emptiness, or that which is within them which does not move, stillness. Here we are liberated by love and moved to profound peace.

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  1. Kevin O'Brien says:

    Remarkable post! Thank you!
    Meridian, Idaho


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