When awareness is awake and conscious of itself, everything that it experiences takes on an illuminated quality. This means that there is a conscious, awake, presence, which is love, that shines brightly upon everything in it’s wake. Nothing can come into it without being fully embraced.

Interestingly, this light relentlessly turns towards the darkest tunnels and dwellings of the psyche, finding the root of separation itself. It unearths from this deeply unconscious and hidden space, deeply buried and ancient energies. It also amplifies any separation that the self has dealt with already, prior to any awakening of a non dual nature. So, a true, real, and deep awakening, in and of itself, is both an intense and life changing shift. Thankfully, it is recognized not only through the ancient eastern spiritual traditions like Advaita, but also western psychological schools. It is becoming openly discussed, and more and more tools are becoming available for person’s undergoing what could be called the Hero’s journey or even the Dark night of the Soul. These are undoubtedly deep spiritual shifts, and initiations that consciousness itself is undergoing. These shifts often end in the realms of spiritual alchemy and energetics like kundalini, and very few people undertake the ferocious journey of a deeply integrated non dual recognition. This is one reason, why this blog has shifted in directions of topics such as transpersonal psychology and also content of a more personal nature, to some degree. None-the-less, today’s post, I would like to discuss : Anger.

The energy of anger is ancient and primal. It arises from the dark, from the unconscious. This is in part due to it’s uncivilized and instinctual qualities. It has been eclipsed out of almost every socialized and conditioned human’s awareness, demonized and placed in a realm of abandonment, denial, rejection and isolation. The perfect territory of shadow. Thus, it arises the only way it knows how, as irrational outbursts, judgements, fearful behaviors, deeply manipulative energies, and uncontrollable bouts of both hatred and rage. This energy lies latent and dormant in each human, waiting for the perfect conditions, the perfect spark, to ignite it and reveal the deeply painful nature of separation. For the truly awakened ones, it become impossible not to acknowledge this energy in the world today, in others, in the media, and in our own homes. Because of the stigma of guilt and shame associated with this energy, it is most often projected out. Our own abandoned anger leaves us and turns outwards into a “he”, “she”, “them”. For surely, it is not “I” that is evil, damaged, dysfunctional, or bad.

I would like to present the possibility in today’s post , that perhaps anger is an ancient, sacred ally. Perhaps this energy is a lost and abandoned friend. Perhaps, anger has come a long way to be with us and make itself known? Perhaps, as it arises from the deep, dark depths of the psyche it has come not to destroy, or to harm, or to justify, but rather to come home to the bright, shining, central Sun of Self? And maybe, this is not “your” anger that has come. Maybe this is not something that indeed belongs to you personally, to your trauma’s, disappointments, and broken bones? Perhaps it is the long, lost primitive and ancient creative spark herself that has come to rest her weary, ancient bones in the deep portal of your light? Perhaps it is her that incubates a great power, and seeds her potent forces of life creation in the womb of your light?

You see, my friends, the things we fear most become the gateways into liberation and deeper levels of awakening. It is these deep, dark allies, that emerge from the underworld, and come a long way to make themselves known so that their powers of strength, protection, and healing can walk with you hand in hand in the ruthless furnace of love that burns now, brighter than ever.

May this journey find you well.

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