Dear ChildrenDear Children,

Guest Post written by Paul Butler

This is a letter to all children of the world. I can write to you because I know the purpose of every child. It is to use our consciousness and learn about the world so we can be creative and contribute to it. For anyone who questions this basic purpose of a growing human being, thinking of a young baby will provide clarity. Their function is to develop awareness so they can learn how to thrive in this wonderful, causal life. This fact becomes obvious as we observe a babies nonstop interest in directing relentless awareness on people and surroundings. Their eyes focus on ours and on experiences for minutes at a time. They are curious. They like learning. So no matter your age, if you are open to learning and loving even more, you are a child and this letter is for you.

I’d like to share the one experience which has had the most profoundly positive impact on my life and the life of all great people. The cool thing about this experience, what makes it unique and powerful, is that it isn’t something that happened once. It is an experience, which we can all control, at all times, simply by deciding to do so.

Concentration on that which is impressively beautiful.

There is an abundance of ideas to concentrate on in this realm of majesty. Infinite possibilities. Amazing experiences to be had at the call of our mind. Pick what is interesting and beautiful to you. Nature, Breathing, Life, Science, Physics, Inspiring Friends, Truth, Health, Communication, Arts, Happiness, All Creations and Trades, etc! By deciding to focus on these ideas in our mind on a consistent basis, our energetic frequency will allow for us to flow through happy, healthy and devoted states on being. This cause and effect sets the foundation to create the life of our dreams, which will be dedicated to creating massive amounts of value for
ourselves and others.

Why is this important?

Because empowering ideas are the motive power of life and we need them in order to dismiss and burst through ideas of a lesser frequency.

For instance, in America, there are several low frequency ideas which represent what an ‘acceptable’ mature human being can be. This influences the ideas in children, turning too many of us into adults who do not choose to think, desire or learn. There are two main reasons why children conform to adults who conform to destructive habits. One is because they never learned the science of concentration and how to be happy, they must fill the void with vices such as alcohol, drugs, promiscuous (low vibration) sex, gambling, valueless entertainment, etc, as the last feeble attempt to hide unevaluated emotions. The second is that it remarkably easier to do what is popular.

Here are a few conceptual seeds in America which are an embarrassment to society, degrading to children, and can be crowded out by concentrating our ideas on that which is impressively beautiful. The only reason I am mentioning these is so they can wreak much less havoc on young minds and the lives of young, developing adults.

Education: Because force is used to promote learning in school, and force is unnatural, many children develop indifference or hatred of school and therefore mistakenly label school as learning and learning as something bad. When a person practices continually concentrating on that which is majestically beautiful , we are able to find ideas we are passionate about and then pursuing education on relevant topics becomes something fun that we actually prefer to do!

Adult Store: What if the adult store were a place where people went to trade the fruits of their labor with one another, exchange ideas, read books and learn? Instead, these stores sell cheap sex products and would be better if it were called kinky sex products or lola’s shop. All I’m saying here is that this plants seeds in the minds of young people of what is appropriate for ‘Adults’. And all children know they will be adults soon! Time to get some practice! But Alas, these stores represent a cheap, material and low vibration idea of sex. Sex in its proper form is communion at the highest vibration A sacred, divine, creative experience by two people in love. Love is not forced or rushed. Love develops from two minds that are in harmony with beautiful ideas.

Alcohol: Only adults are allowed to drink alcohol. Why do you drink in excess mommy and daddy? Is it a habit that you’ve formed and you’re too weak to break it? Do you think I should subconsciously develop the same habit? But seriously, why do you boose? Is it to numb your truth? Or to celebrate your life? Have you explored any other options that are more beneficial, energizing, and celebratory of life? In order to concentrate more deeply on the positive side of that which is impressively beautiful, maybe I’ll look for other mentors, who cultivate a greater sense of satisfaction from doing meaningful work, learning and having authentic relationships. In other words, be encouraged to look beyond the range of the moment, your comfort zone. Somewhere close to you, walking or bicycling, you can find someone to connect with who can further inspire you to connect to that which you find impressively beautiful.

Music, TV, Media: The blah American culture has evaded the facts that Proper entertainment is actually art and art must be a representation of love for life. The major problem in American culture related to mainstream entertainment is that it is dramatic instead of inspiring and violent instead of loving. A society rooted in beautiful ideas will demand art or ‘entertainment’ that is beautiful, loving and enduring.

The standard by which ‘explicit’ lyrics are measured is utterly incorrect. If a band uses f*** in their words, it is labeled as explicit, not recommended for children. The standard used to measure explicit is swear words. What is a diametrically better standard to measure music by? The empowerment or disempowerment of the lyrics. The concepts or mantras used by the artist. I specifically remember and have been impacted by the lyrics of a once favorite song “I’m just a sucker with no self esteem” . This is a horrendous mantra and it is shocking that I would be drawn to this music It was allowed by my parents because there was no ‘explicit’ label . I am certain that mantras like these have profound effects on our life. It wasn’t until I was 23 that I discovered and then fully started to enjoy beautiful and empowering music. It is a choice we can make as long as we are aware of the alternatives.

To sum it up child, our minds are like computers. They run on scripts, on Ideas. The way to be happy is to pick your own impressively beautiful scripts and ideas that create long term joy and growth. This is a practice and is very enjoyable once you get going. Be fearless. Do it everyday, as often as possible. We will experience the rewards together!

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