OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOften times, expectations, desires, plans and structures that we have built or are currently building end in disappointment. What I want to explore in my post today is where does disappointment come from, how do we relate to it and is it a self-fulfilling prophecy?

I have had my fair share of disappointments-from people, jobs, ideas, plans…you name it. In fact, disappointment is a common theme for me. But I have come to understand it and I have also established a very strong and stable relationship with it. A very good friend of mine once said to me at work, “I’d rather have reasonable doubt, than false hope.” At the time, I admired her strong stance and her logical right brained statement. Why not protect yourself from pain, getting hurt and not having your expectations met? The truth of the matter is, is that the part of us that creates, dreams, fantasizes and lives in a reality full of pleasant illusion helps us to cope with our everyday life. To have hope is to see beauty, and to see beauty is to make art. How would we be experiencing all the incredible things in our lives that we enjoy, if at some point we didn’t hold an image in our minds, fueling it with hope, joy and peace towards the very experience, person or thing that we desire? Our ability to conceptualize our desire, is one of the most powerful gateways to experiencing the inner reality of the soul. The things that you yearn for define who you are-they are an absolute expression of your one, true reality which is love. The only reason you can experience desire is because you can experience love. In fact, your desire is the yearning to unify with your source-your completeness. What that means is that as a human being in a physical form you will always be focused on creation. Your inner artist will never, ever go to sleep, whether you recognize that or not. You will always desire the very qualities that already exist in you: love, peace, abundance, happiness, safety. There isn’t a thing in this universe that you could want, that isn’t already a part of you in some way otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to conceive of it or desire it.

So, how is it that we experience disappointment, failure at achieving our desire, guilt at not being good enough to manifest our desired reality? We live in a universe that operates based on the law of attraction. Does that mean that our disappointment is experienced, because at some deep and inner level we expected it to come? This is partly true, but some levels of subconscious thinking are so deeply engrained in us that it’s almost impossible to find them without setting ourselves up against ourselves, by claiming that there’s something we have to “fix” within ourselves to achieve the desired outcome: true love, better pay, better looks-whatever. If you focus on your problem, on trying to fix yourself, you are ONLY going to attract more of the problem. This universe is impersonal with it’s law. In fact, the universe has no clue that something is seen as contrast: good or bad! It only knows good, and the contrast of bad exists purely so that you may know good. Those of us that experience the greatest contrast, the greatest lack, suffering, sadness, disappointment are actually full of a good exactly equal to that. Imagine! The worse your life appears, the greater it actually is. How is this so? First, you must realize that you are only experiencing a reality of disappointment because you do not see the contrast. Contrast is evolution-or expansion. Expansion is creativity. It is the act of creating a new perspective, a new idea, a deep inner healing, a greater love, recognizing a truth to some matter, becoming aware and awake to something etc…When you are able to recognize the gifts of your “failure” you will find immediate peace in your resistance to your desire not being met, your disappointment. The greater the disappointment you experience, the greater the potential of expansion is within you.

The only reason you do not achieve your desired outcome is because you have not fully accepted that you create your reality through contrast. This means that by not being able to make an immediate shift from the negative feeling of not having something to the positive feeling of being it, you block your experience of the thing that you desire. The easiest way to do this is to experience the highest vibration available to us as humans, the vibration of love. The only way one can experience this vibration is by experiencing pure positive focus towards oneself, towards ones desire and ones relationship to that desire. When we make an immediate shift into this vibration, we are no longer at war with ourselves, we actually recalibrate the subconscious beliefs of non-deserving, insufficiency and fear, and most importantly we learn that our disappointment is our own soul calling out to it’s true self which is whole, complete and perfect at all times, otherwise it would not have had that desire imprinted on it in the first place. Your desire, whether it is met or unmet, is your desire to know your true self and contrast is necessary for the fulfillment of the law of love, the law of pure positive focus. So, next time you get disappointed by something, know that you are on your way to something greater, you are on your way to love.

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