Our sense of joy is derived from the relationship to our desire.

The instant a want or desire appears, does it come from a place of need?

Desires that stem from a sense of agitation or incompletion are called “seeking” and also “suffering”.

In non-duality, the relationship is simply being. There either is or there isn’t a desire, and it either is or it isn’t fulfilled.

There is no sense of deriving happiness from acquiring or fulfilling desires.

From identification, there is the question upon hearing this: “Well, how do I get there? I’m still seeking; what do I do about that?”

The answer is so darn simple.

The truth or nature can be explored by anyone the instant that question arises. Whether one has a spiritual foundation or even the desire for truth, that inquiry remains just as valid. We are ultimately asking:

What is the truth? Where is my home? Where is my place of rest?

Just the curiosity of the question itself gives rise to the nature of life and the nature of the universe.

What one must do is ask that question and simply observe, inquire into the nature of presence by being present, by being presence.

And this isn’t a recommendation, an answer or a path.

To look is as effortless as watching a bird on a tree branch. It is already happening, and now it can happen with your energy because you are consciously doing this.

Just like when a gaze lands on the bluebird and now suddenly you’re intrigued – “what a beautiful bluebird” your energy says.

Keep looking relentlessly. Stay present completely.

Watch. Watch. Watch. Wait. Wait. Wait.
One’s attention must be willing to look until each and every form completely dissolves, one by one until nothing is left except simple looking.

What is this simple looking?

Interest in the world of form subsides, once it is fully, clearly and completely seen and recognized that no getting, no desire, no form can fulfill the sense of lack that one feels.

This is completely radical and new to the egoic structure of the self, which is structured upon lack and acquisition. Once it is recognized that nothing in the world of form can satisfy this self – it is then that that self can begin dissolution and deconstruction.

Like an ice cube in the sun, the self dissolves simply into what’s happening (also known as the present, but this present is outside of the confines of past, present, and future – the confines of time).

In this “isness” in “THIS” the one, seamless, vivid, aliveness – reality itself – begins to pervade every inch and every corner of one’s very being.

Once reality is touched, even just slightly, this is powerful enough to set one’s soul completely aflame and begin the natural process of awakening of consciousness to itself.

Consciousness is seen as deeply and consistently ever-changing, ever—new, refreshing and revitalizing LOVE.

In this sense, awakening is happening all the time, infinitely and it is never the same. It is always alive, always new. Nature is fully and totally electric, vivid and nothing goes stale or dies in it.

It is this essence of divine love which brings back life to even the most lifeless places, makes a way through a dead-end, ends the spiritual search and eventually consumes the entire life of the human, consciously.

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