If we stopped taking action for the purpose of worldly gain, would not the moment, just as it is, be enough?

We may not even realize that the underlying current of our dis-ease, suffering, anxiety, and fear is that we will not get or we will lose, some aspect of the dream.

What is meant by the dream?

Quite simply, the dream is the idea that you are someone, a body, that is separate from all of life, making independent decisions and taking independent actions that will dictate whether or not security, love, and freedom will be had.

Just as we wake from the dreams we have at night while we are asleep, instantly, we must too wake from this worldly dream.

The Buddha, Jesus and so many other great teachers taught that the kingdom of God is within. This is such a simple teaching, that it is most often overlooked and simply glazed over.

For someone who is greatly identified with body, the idea of simply cutting off from the dream of seeking is almost an impossibility in their mind. The fear of life and the belief in death continue to be the motivating driving factors of how one lives.

This sounds abrupt, but the way in which this plays out is so subtle. The clerk hits you with a large bill, your lover says something nasty to you, your child misbehaves, your co-worker takes credit for something you did. More intricately though, is the massive surge of energy that is pushing against the flow of life and attempting to run from the present moment. This is the root of suffering.

That THIS, what’s appearing, this right here IS NOT ENOUGH. That there is a better place than this. In the mind’s view THIS is evil. THIS is where hell is: not enough money, not enough love, not enough creativity…never enough.

When a small or even large pleasure is had, this discontent is covered up and there is activity. For a temporary and brief moment, it is forgotten that something is unnerved and seeking. The beast has been fed… until, of course, once again it is hungry and begins its games.

The way out of the dream is the walking away from worldly gains. But in order for one to do this, it must be seen that what can be had, can also be lost. And if something can be had or lost then it is not that which is truly being sought. At another level, it can also be seen that that which was doing the seeking is the same thing as that which is being sought, immediately bringing the game to an end.

What was being sought, was actually never being sought. It was the seeking that was causing the conflict, not the actual idea of loss and gain. The mechanism that is looking for a better place than THIS is the whole dream, it is the source and the expression of conflict.

Moreover, it was never, ever you that was doing the seeking. You are not a fuck up because THIS is not enough for you. You are not to blame for this, you didn’t make this error of judgment. You were never actually here. You were part of the dream of seeking. In fact, you were simply being experienced. The whole idea of “you” and the “thing” you were seeking were all one thing, seemingly appearing as two. The truth is the same thing that was seeking is the same thing that was being sought. You were always home. You were always here. You were always THIS. Nothing needed to change for you to wake up. In fact, waking up was always instantaneous and it was always happening right here right now. Waking up is continually happening, it actually never stops happening. Waking up is all there is, was and ever will be. You can never actually “get” here, because you were always here!

If you are caught in the dream of worldly pleasures and worldly gain, that is why you are unhappy and that is why you are suffering.

Just stop.

Wake up.

Just like you wake up from a nightmare or any dream – just awaken.

Were you the one who woke yourself up from the dream?

Who woke you up from the dream?

How did you wake up from the dream?

It just happened.

And so, waking up from this dream too will just happen, instantly. In a swift movement.

There may be that in-between state of waking, where the dream is slowly slipping back away – but waking up is the only way forward. Fully waking.

And the dream will burn, becoming a distant memory that barely even happened.


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