flowersWhen the identification with a personality or thought in general falls away, awareness of an intimacy with all things becomes apparent. This falling away which occurs has nothing to do with the individual entity that considers itself an “I” that is separate. This appearance of an “I” or person may feel more peaceful or relaxed as a result of it’s own identity falling away, but this is only an appearance in all that is which is just what is.

In truth, none of this really matters, it is only pointing to what is. The person never really ceases to exist in this collapse, but he has also never existed either. All that happens is that the appearance of the idea of the person becomes apparent. This idea or story continues to play itself out, but it’s not doing so for anyone or because of anything.

The space in which all this is happening, is what is happening. Nothing is really happening. There is only space and emptiness. The forms that arise from it, are also it. It is the person energy that claims these things, possessing them through the projection of a message or meaning for them. None of the forms have any more meaning than one another. In fact, the death of the physical body is also an appearance within all this and is no different than the falling of a leaf off of a tree. None of this is happening for anyone, because of anything.

This is a beautiful message. The thought to write arose within this body mechanism, that is Kate. These words are now just being written. As I write them breathing is just happening in the body and tea is just being drunk. It’s not happening to anyone, it’s just happening.

The person energy that wants to be someone, go somewhere or get something is a contracted feeling within the body mechanism. It is one experience, but it is also just what’s happening. All that is happening, happens spontaneously and then it is gone spontaneously. No-thing is causing it to happen, it just happens with no true purpose or no meaning. The person wants to claim it and give it meaning. And this is also just another appearance in what is, which is everything and nothing.

This has nothing to do with the faculty of the body and mind mechanism. This is a message about nothingness. The person energy may or may not collapse completely, but it’s not happening for anyone because of anything, nor does it matter or have any meaning whether or not it happens (or gives an appearance of happening). Either way breathing will continue happening, aliveness will continue happening, desires will continue arising, thoughts will continue happening, eating, sex and work will continue happening.

The beauty behind all this is that it all IS. You ARE.

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