One of the worlds heaviest waves breaks in Tahiti

As the person begins to realize itself as a non separate entity, this realization has absolutely nothing to do with what is. The person will want to feel like they’ve “made it” or “been liberated”, but this is not what is happening, because WHO would have made it, WHO would have been liberated if there is not a self? This is the mind or illusion formation arising and feeling satisfaction and pride at it’s achievement. But this “achievement” again, has nothing to do with what is.

The collapse of the separate entity is most often gradual and still contains pain. However, there is no real suffering any longer as there is no one holding on to a personal story. The story will arise, but will be dropped within the realization. The formation of the story will still have a life cycle, but it’s an extremely surface level appearance.

Writing about this is incredibly beautiful. The force which moves me to write these words or even to cry or laugh, scream and move towards pleasure cannot be fought or resisted. The closest metaphor I can offer, is that it moves exactly like a tsunami – in once direction, untouched. It knows exactly what it wants and where it wants to go. The person completely freaks out in this. It tries to figure out what’s happening, fight it and control it. This is what causes the utmost amount of suffering, because the person’s efforts are futile.

The nature that is everything, is all there is and no single formation can prevail over it. So the energetic contraction that is the person is a complete waste of energy. Again -this is suffering. To exist as a separate self is to suffer and to constantly struggle. It actually makes absolutely zero sense, but none the less it is what’s happening. However, once this separate self is spotlighted as a formation, it’s existence becomes completely absurd. It then slowly begins to collapse, dying off eventually.

This collapse brings forth a death of immense value – for what becomes most evident is the love of all there is – the utterly empty, neutral, nothingness that all is ONE, completely and fully unified as love.

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