Swiss player Roger Federer hits a forehaI wanted to write a post about “allowing” today. I think there has been so much misconception about what allowing really means. I also believe that it has wrongly acquired the identity of someone super “zenned” out whose peacefully awaiting the universe’s next move. Allowing is a lot like “following you heart”. To follow your heart means to tune in to the desires within you. There’s a time for everything.  A time to fight, a time to wait, a time for happiness, a time for sadness and so forth. When we are in a state of allowing, we are in a state of non-resistance.

Non-resistance is NOT necessarily passive. For example, if you have a desire within you but continually ignore your feelings, you are resisting that desire by not acting on it. If you were to acknowledge your feelings and not act on them, you would not be allowing them, you would be resisting them. So, the question becomes: when is the time to act and when is the time to wait? I think if you are in tune to yourself and to the spirit of the times, you will know. Sometimes we will get continual signs like a song on the radio, overhearing a conversation, seeing synchronicity everywhere etc. Other times your “feeling” will not go away. Now, this could be a feeling of desire or dread. But if you are getting consistent feelings or thoughts about something, that is your indication that you are on the right path and you have to go with the flow towards the direction of that energy! You are part of an absolute, a universal oneness. To be in tune to yourself, is to be in tune to all of creation. It is your awareness that catalyzes the continual creation of the universe. This means that the universe is completely reliant and dependent on YOU! Not the other way around.

So, next time you think: “Oh, I’ll just let the universe handle it!”, don’t give up the very power that created you. The universe is a relationship. It doesn’t operate on it’s own, it is interconnected with every single microscopic element of existence. It’s like a tennis game. You can’t expect a good game, if you’re kicking it on a tennis court just waiting for the universe to throw you balls. You have to serve, and hit back too so that the universe can meet you half way. The universe created you to serve it’s own evolution. It’s expansion is dependent on your ability to tune in to your feelings. When you are in tune to your feelings, solely relying on them and your desires, then you are actually becoming a channel for creation to move through you.

To allow, means to allow the universe to move and not to wait for the universe to do all the work. That only results in stagnancy, which results in de-evolution and ultimately in the death of our species. By becoming a non-resistant force in your life you can unlock the absolute potential of infinity! The very reason the universe projected itself as you, is for you to experience limitlessness. So feel unlimited! Feel powerful. And allow things to move!

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