Oprah-Law-of-AttractionWhy does money have so much power in our world and what impact is this having on the human psyche? You either have it or you don’t. two of my absolutely critical teachings are:

1. What you focus on expands.

2. Your input is your output.

Your financial circumstances are a direct relationship between your inner and outer reality. What I mean is that how you treat yourself and how you think of yourself is reflected in your ability to have or not have the things in your life, which you are seeking-regardless if those things are food, a Ferrari, bills or even any form of abundance like more love, more peace, more meaning. All these “things” are relative to the relationship which you have with yourself and the things that you value.

Many people see the more metaphysical or spiritual perspectives on money as absolute fluff. They see things very straight forward: work and make money, invest and get rich, sell and be prosperous. Our beliefs create and eventually sustain the structures which we set up for ourselves. If our beliefs are broken or have a particular fault within them, it is highly likely that the structure they have built will eventually deteriorate and fail. The universe is an ever changing organism and it is set up as a dualistic reality. This means that lack and abundance come hand in hand. You must have one to have the other, as they are polarities of one another. Let me give you a few examples:

You just got your paycheck, but now you have to pay off your bills.

You invested money in a venture, made a profit and then lost everything because of a bad or unfortunate decision/circumstance.

You gave a donation to a charity and someone bought you dinner.

There are a multitude of rags to riches stories, stories of people loosing everything they had because of natural disasters or misfortune. The universe is completely set up as a give and take structure. It is up to us how we leverage and whether we abide by it’s inherent laws. It can and will reflect to you, your inner reality., This is why so often we see the examples from above come into play. Our focus on finances and preoccupation with getting our needs met, is an absolutely natural and important aspect of human life. It is clear that wealth, poverty, hunger, safety and other human interests are an effect of having or not having: $$$ This is why there is so much war, violence, selfishness, fear and unhappiness, in turn it is also why peace, service, happiness and love are experienced in the human reality as well. It is no surprise that we place so much focus and attention on either having or not having money; it is because in a societal structure-our survival, absolutely depends on it. This survival is emotional, physical, spiritual (love, peace, happiness), communal and individual. We want to experience community and individualism at the same time. If you can’t afford, education, travel, books or other pleasures you begin to feel disconnected, lonely or disadvantaged. If you feel like you cannot afford your needs, it is much more difficult for you to take care of others needs. All these perspectives perpetuate the cycle of you having what you want, or not having it. The only difference is your perspective or focus.

Do you see what I’m getting at? Money is a concept. It is a manifestation of a multitude of needs. These needs are created out of psychological, physical and emotional survival. Having or not having money, is a direct reflection of your inner reality. What’s the difference between those that can have anything they want and those that can’t? SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Your thinking!!! The way that you think is a result of your past experiences, family, environments, beliefs, unhealed issues and habits. PERIOD. It is near to impossible to have a healthy mindset of contribution, productivity, value, meaningfulness and ABUNDANCE, if your focus has been on what you do not have, what you are afraid of, what the “world” did to you and so forth. There will come a time when you have to face yourself, let go of your extreme self-focus and just do what you gotta do! The bottom line is if you value yourself, the world will value you also.

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