sky-of-red-poppies“Your poetic, insightful, deep and revealing letter, makes every once of my effort into this project worthwhile. This letter is the whole reason, I started doing “Letters Healing Poverty”. It is those words that you just sent me, which are more valuable than anything anyone could ever own, for they are the absolute words of spirit, looking to find a home in the heart of someone who is suffering. I know that your letter will inspire, heal and uplift exactly the way that it was mean to.”

I just replied to one of my first author submissions for “Letters Healing Poverty”, Zohreh Ghahremani author of “Sky of Red Poppies”. About 2 seconds after receiving the submission, a good friend of mine just sent me a handful of his poems to look over. I can officially say the universe couldn’t be more adamant about supporting my project and continuing to reveal to me the indescribable power of words. After reading these amazing insights that have been sent to me, I can honestly say I feel like the luckiest woman!! It is in poetry and books, that I found so much solace as a child while I struggled to create an identity, understand my place in the world and relate to others, while barely being able to relate to myself. It was in the darkest and most fearful momentsĀ  of my life, that I would write poetry or read books and feel the absolute force of spirit, penetrating my consciousness and bringing me back home to myself.

After working with some of the authors I realized how unique everyone’s “word” is. Words areĀ  one vein, with trillions and billions of blood cells. They stem from one source and are all words, but are still separate in a way because of their unique experience and perspective. You, as an individual, cannot be replicated in any other way. The way you think, speak, write is an absolute and totally unique expression of your own life-force. Never be afraid to express yourself, to see yourself absolutely naked in front of the world. Because that is where your true beauty lies. It is when you are open, and spilling forth your authenticity and existence into a single moment that you become the most beautiful creature. It’s OK, if it gets ugly inside sometimes. Because the ugliness will reveal to you more beauty. The ugliness will show you more light. It is in those dark depths that we can rise higher and truly come to love.

Thank you, Zoe, for your incredible letter that will touch so many lives.

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