poverty-5One rather quiet and simple idea, has begun to spring forth as a major source of inspiration, spiritual livelihood and force for me. I’m absolutely overwhelmed with my feelings towards my project “Letters Healing Poverty”. The more time I spend researching statistics, looking at photography and reaching out to the community the more intimidated and motivated I feel. What has surprised me is how this mission is a full-on movement for me. It has absolutely proven to me that a life not fighting for justice, is absolutely no life at all. Especially when I come to terms how absolutely disadvantaged over 14.9% (1 out of 6 American’s) of the population is. That’s the current poverty rate! Each day I google something related to my cause I stumble upon more proof that there is a major disconnect between human beings: apathy! This percentage rate is absolutely outlandish. It is a complete understatement to say “The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.” I can’t stand for this.

I sometimes begin to feel fear, insignificance, discouraged. I begin to feel overwhelmed at how much help I need spreading the word about my project. But these feelings are so extremely small compared to the force and passion within me to create awareness. I am obviously asking people to open up their wallets and empower this campaign, but I know that that’s not the bottom line for me. The bigger picture to continuing to spread light and hope to every person I Can reach online or in person-regardless of their poverty status. The reason I have chosen to send letters of hope and inspiration to a vulnerable population, is because it is a manifestation of society’s greed and ego. They are the product of this apathy I’m mentioning. The people on welfare and food stamps, embody who we are inside. They are no different from us. Poverty is not pretty. We can by ugly inside. We are not embracing the beauty of the human spirit, when we fail to think of and help others. It is not possible for us to sustain our weak structures without a bigger picture in mind. Without some desire to make an impact in this world.

I am currently 2 days after my deadline to launching my crowdfunding campaign. It won’t go live until Monday because I have so much to do. Every single moment that I have free is spent working on building relationships, reaching out, finalizing details, planning…I’m in the trenches-but I’m not here alone. A hope so profound springs forth, that anyone reading this should know that this project will make a big difference in the lives of thousands of people.


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