what-the-stones-rememberI found the courage to email a very respectable writer today. Patrick Lane, author of “What the Stones Remember” is a true poet in every sense of the word. A poet is someone who has an unusual or unique perspective on something. Poetry is very abstract, totally intricate and doused with double entendres and meanings. For me, that is what makes it so powerful. A good writer is a poet. Period. The use of imagery and depth is critical for any piece to convey meaning, inspiration and power. When I first read this book, I was reminded at the complexity of life and how utterly beautiful that complication was. The ability to view a difficult and painful past with compassion and acceptance, yet still retain a sense of beauty towards it contains within itself such solace and meaning.

When Patrick sits in his garden musing over his violent and abusive struggle with alcoholism, his mind takes him through so many painful memories. In the book, he reflects between the darkness of his memories and the light of his present moment. He is drawn back to the present moment with the insects on his plants, the cat’s breath as it sleeps in the sun, his beautiful woman (not yet wife) sleeping quietly in his home. He views his flowers and feels the wind on his skin with such meaning! The book is truly a beautiful and healing story of how his garden healed his soul. It’s not an overly spiritual book either-it’s pure poetry. The use of his descriptiveness and the potency of his focus, is exceptionally moving. I can’t discuss such an amazing work in one simple blog post. One would have to read it!

Anyhow, I sent Patrick an email asking him to write a letter to one of the communities. When I went on his website, he looked much older than he did on his book cover. I wished at that moment that I could meet him. I wondered what we would talk about. While seeking these authors, I realized how particular I am with who I reach out to. I’m not opposed to any published author that feels compelled to help-but, man! Let me tell you, there are some absolutely brilliantly talented minds out there, with such a deep and powerful talent towards their use of words that it’s overwhelming. I am committed to finding and reaching out to these writers, because I believe these letters aren’t self-help letters. They’re complete and total invasions into the human spirit!

I hope I hear back from Patrick.

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