It’s Impossible To Be “In the Moment”. The moment is everything that’s happening.

So many new age teachers teach about being present. This misconstrued teaching results in a misunderstanding of what the moment is. Most importantly, it falsely assumes that there is the possibility of non-presence.

Who is being present? Who are you?

We believe that when we pay attention, listen intently to another person, meditate and alleviate or slow down our thoughts, then we’re being present and thus capable of enjoying life.

This is the greatest trap, a complete illusion.

Nothing you “do” can ever bring you to what you already are, which is complete and total stillness: presence. How could you possibly “get to” the present moment if the present moment is all there is.

If that moment looks like thought, or agony or distraction, then that’s what’s happening.

If you associate being in the moment, or being present, with the non existence of your own humanness, you do not know who you are.

This flood of spirituality has given rise to so many misleading teachings. As someone who spent years following them, I can tell you that they will give you a sense of being able to control and improve life. They will give you seeming tools to acquire more abundance, love and joy. But this will lead you down a dark hole eventually. You will begin to think that you have to be someone or do something to “awaken your true nature”. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Your true nature is everything. It’s everything that’s happening. It’s the fly on the wall, the feeling of dread when you realize there’s a huge wait at the grocery store, or a major disagreement between you and your partner, or the cup of tea that spilled all over the floor this morning.

Here’s the wake up call: you are everything that is happening. You are all of life. This isn’t about getting to a better destination or making shit happen. This is about completely dissolving the energy that thinks it exists. This cannot be done with thought, this is beyond thought You can’t wake up, because you don’t exist. All of life is responsible for knowing itself, its true nature. This is either seen or heard, or it’s not. It makes no difference if it is seen or heard to all of life, which is what you are. Only that which believes itself to be seperate will want the validation of it’s “divinity”. Divinity doesn’t exist. To claim something is spiritual, divine or blessed is to claim that something is not. This is dual. This is a misunderstanding.

Chasing enlightenment is like chasing the sunlight. You can’t have it. It just is.

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