The end of seeking, is the end of he who seeks. And vice versa.
By seeking, what is referred to is the cessation of time. A cessation of dualism. A cessation of the other.
These are not conceptual or even fundamental shifts. In fact, it’s as though nothing happens.
Let me explain.

When there is a strong personal self that suddenly appears to experience the end of seeking, it also appears to go through a process of loss (loss. not gain..gaining new spiritual ideas, concepts about what’s happening, or even wisdom etc).
This process of loss is really the end of life as one has known it.
In fact, it’s the end of knowing itself.
The end of knowing is the beginning of nothing. No -thing. Void. Emptiness. No center.
Life takes on a subtle, sentient, and timeless quality.
No time.
Everything stops. Yet, nothing changes.

What’s most fascinating, is that the end of seeking is accompanied by nothing. Nothing happens. Nothing changes. Nothing becomes. Nothing ends. Quite literally, nothing happens.
Yet, something has fallen away.
And as I write that, I can hear you saying…”Wtf. Isn’t that something happening?”

No. It’s not.

Because life is as it is. As it always was. As it always will be. Life.

That’s why nothing needs to be realized and also, nothing needs to be gotten.

Another vital aspect of this discussion, is to note how this nothing, or emptiness makes room for whatever is, without doing anything. The thoughts become highlighted. Emotions become illuminated. Whatever is happening continues from a deep place of intimacy freedom and openness, which is always what’s been happening actually, and it is what you are, what you always have been. So, nothing changes. It could perhaps be said that that which once obscured who you are, no longer seems to do so. But this is just an appearance no different than anything else that’s appearing and it’s completely irrelevant at this point.

Not many teachers address the existential crisis that occurs for the “me” that is fading, as a result of no-thing. I am describing this, to express how deeply disorienting and confusing this can be. For many bodies, conditioning still continues. And energy is still energy, shifting, as it always has done. Who you thought you were, was always simply an illusive dream…an energy that was always shifting, never constant, conditioned to do what it does, for no apparent reason other than because that is what is, that is what’s happening. Most “me’s” also avoid their own cessation – naturally! The very purpose of a “me” is to go on. In time. So the stopping of going on and of time itself is of no real interest outside of what the “me” believes that it can gain. Possess. Keep. Use. Apply. Experience.

And as long as that faint shadow of a “me” is still lurking on the horizon, it is extraordinarily lost, and scared in this process. I know that for this particular body, at one point or another, was extremely unpleasant. In fact, the death of the personal self was avoided at all costs. Often “the old conditioning” of the me, would still appear, even though it was no-self arising, and it would create thoughts such as “What next?” “Where could I seek next?” “Where else could I suffer?” “How else can I avoid myself?” (These were extremely subtle and subconscious thoughts for the most part).

This conditioning is worthy of our attention, most particularly as it now continues on in this highly alchemical container that has appeared – the light of Being, or this empty freedom. It can be noticed here, how the “(s)elf” behaves, why, and what it is that it deeply wants (on a relative level) and these revelations lead to seeming shifts for the personal energy that is still expressing. But now it is expressing for no-one, because of no-one, and also for no-thing. No direction, no purpose, and no compass. So there’s no relevance as to why things are as they are in terms of conditioning and it’s apparent shifts, other than for the sake of their own appearance, their Being.

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