SpiderwebLast night, I was walking down a thin, dark, overgrown corridor to my house. I was almost at my doorstep, when I walked right into a humongous spiderweb and ended up faceplanting straight into the biggest spider I’d ever seen. This gigantic creature sauntered down from my head and face and flew off onto a nearby wall, his web still connected to my hair and shoulders. Eeeeeekkkkk.

I couldn’t believe how intense that was. Usually, when I see spiders around the house or anywhere I don’t dare to do them any harm and ask them to leave me alone and they do. However, having something the size of my eyeball walk over my face is pretty creepy. The “little” creature was clearly confused, scared and scrambling from all the havoc of having his creation ruined and while I was terrified as well, I also noticed that I was highly energized after this experience.

After letting everything sink in, I have decided to share the wisdom of this beautiful experience with you, in the case that a spider totem comes to pay you a visit as well.

The spider is a very resourceful and intelligent creature. His entire operation is completely self sustaining, as he uses his proteinaceous spider silk to design a circular network of aerial decor. He uses his body to measure the distances between threads and expends a great amount of energy in the release of this silk that is made within him, often eating it to preserve his strength. He then sits and waits for his prey, in his desire to feed his hunger and to gratify his work. The creation of his web is an intuitive and resourceful display of his purpose: to sustain his life. He displays great patience and craftsmanship in his efforts.

The spider calls us to work hard and use our energy with intention and purpose in order to create a self sustaining network that feeds our desires. Our desires drive us to create. They give us meaning and feed our soul. They require attention to detail, diligence and a solid foundation. Our web of perfection is woven with our inner resources and inner intuition. We know exactly what to do to build our foundations! We know that a solid foundation built by intention, devotion and focus delivers us to our hearts desires. The foundation is delicate and gentle, but highly intelligent. It can only be built with peace, love and dedication.

Once we have built the network, our foundation, we are free to rest. We can wait patiently for the universe to send us a twig, a leaf, some dust or the long awaited bug, that surrenders to the circle of life and rewards the spider for all her hard work and patience. But we can be sure that we will be fed, satiated and relieved of our hunger. Some webs need to be remade, moved, adjusted and the work is hard, but the spider trusts her resources and intelligence knowing that life will sustain her – and it does! Her hard, tenacious work is rewarded with the fulfillment of her desire which nourishes her and gives her strength.

Remember that everything in life is connected. Everything moves within the divine current of love. Everything is precious and sacred. And most importantly, remember that you can trust yourself and that you know exactly what to do and how to do it! Every desire has everything it needs within itself to find fulfillment. Build your foundation. Don’t give up. And wait! Be patient. Rest. Trust.

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