BuddhaThere are many phenomena in consciousness, many of these which are taken as deeply spiritual experiences. In fact, these experiences are such sought after and transformative energies that many people develop beliefs, practices and of course – religions, around them. Spiritual seekers chase these experiences like the flower of life, believing them to hold the joy, the love and happiness that they have desired for so long.

The desire for spiritual satiation, or union, is the deepest and most profound desire that a human being will ever have. It contains with it the promise of liberation. Thus, it’s no surprise that the “highs” we get from spiritual experiences call us deeply into their reservoir of eternal promise and complete Truth.

Soon enough, every spiritual seeker will discover that these “phenomena” are temporary and ever elusive glimpses of the Divine, or our True nature. However, this will not stop the seeker, as the desire to know their true nature and the secrets of existence will be too powerful. Now, not all individuals have this depth of desire. Desires vary greatly, from person to person. However, it must be noted that the most authentic and genuine desire will always find it’s answer, it’s source.

Please allow me now, to explain the difference between one of the most desired and sought after experiences, which I discuss a great deal on this blog: Kundalini awakening and Enlightenment. Kundalini awakening is often referred to as an experience of complete and total union with the Divine or Love. This makes Kundalini experiences one of the more profound, powerful and most sought after phenomena. Such an experience can be life changing, lasting days or even weeks, months and longer. To read more about what such an experience entails, please read this blog post. Ultimately, the Kundalini will subside and we will be right back at square one – back to the search, back to the seeker.

How can this be the ultimate Truth and the ultimate Freedom if it is temporary? Again, Kundalini awakening is an experience. As the seeker continues to search for the everlasting Truth, he may or may not reach enlightenment. Along the way, he may settle for another practice or belief system that liberates him from suffering and will cling to that for his comfort. Or, he will reach enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the realization of the True self. It is the knowing of the knower. It is the recognition of the no-self. It is the complete and full movement into oneness, where one is no longer a separate entity. True enlightenment is permanent. For once the True self is known, no other self can take over agin. The entire identity will subside. This is the universe waking up to itself. This is consciousness becoming aware of itself. It is completely void of any idea, any desire, any identity. It is so pure, so free that the human, if he can even be called that, no longer exists. This is the death of the self. This realization is infinite. One can only go deeper into it and evolve more fully with it, but he will never return back to the surface level of life, or to being a seeker.

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